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Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator from Spa Fabulous Organics

7 Jan 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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This is the perfect winter skin saviour from gorgeous organic brand Spa Fabulous Organics. Check out Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator. It is a dream!
Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator from Spa Fabulous Organics
Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator is packed full of the most gorgeous ingredients which make it no ordinary exfoliant. It works using granules and and enzymes to gently refresh and revive dull, dehydrated skin and it is great to improve the appearance of scarring too.

It contains Sweet Almond to nourish and soften, Lemongrass to improve skin texture, Rosehip Seed Oil for scarring and Lavender to deep cleansing and for anti-inflamatory effect and Salyclic Acid to melt away dead skin cells. As you can imagine – the fragrance is divine!

It feels absolutely beautiful – you massage a small amount on to slightly damp skin, concentrating on congested or problems areas. As you work it in (which I do for a few minutes) you feel the granules melt into your skin for a really nourishing effect. All the amazing oils get to work and feel so instantly soothing.
Once I rinse it away my skin glows instantly and it feels and looks soft and clear. It is so good. Because it is so gentle, I have been using it as much as every other day since just before Christmas. It is becoming quite an addiction. I have been finding that my serums and creams sink into my skin so well afterwards.
You can find the Spa Fabulous Organics Heavenly Glow Exfoliator here for £36, and as a little goes a long way, I’d say it is worth every penny.
Read about the Spa Fabulous Organics Complexion Perfection Facial I had last year here.
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