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Oral B Wonder Paste!! Introducing Pro Expert

4 Jul 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Oral-B Pro-Expert
If you care about teeth, then this is some exciting news. After 15 years of research and development, Oral B have come up with a toothpaste that answers every concern you could possibly have about your teeth, mouth and gums in general. Have a read of this…

“This is the first time that industry scientists have been able to combine stannous fluoride, regarded by experts as providing exceptional benefits, with the polyphosphate® system. In clinical trials, the unique formulation delivered unprecedented results and the new paste has been proven to deliver comprehensive care across the eight areas that dentists check most; cavities, gums, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, surface stains and fresh breath.”

Oral-B Pro-Expert
Expert dentist, and all round good egg, Dr James Russell, presented the product to us and I have to say, it really is very exciting. Not just because I am obsessed with teeth, but because Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste amazingly tackles every mouth issue you could have. So simple! 
It whitens, works on sensitivity, strengthens enamel, tackles gum problems,  blasts bad breath, fights tartar and placque and has anti-cavity benefits too. What more could you want?
Well what about this? It tastes good and leaves your mouth feeling super clean, almost dentist stylee! Fabbie!!!
And here is the beauty…
Oral-B Pro-Expert
To be fair, you are probably not quite as excited as I am, but trust me, this really is an excellent advancement in toothcare and oral hygiene. Sorry, I’m a teeth freak!!
Oral B Pro Expert launched on 1st July 2011, is £3.49 for 75ml and is available at Boots, supermarkets and other leading retailers.
For more information about Oral-B Pro-Expert visit www.oralb.co.uk or go to twitter.com/oralb_uk

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8 thoughts on “Oral B Wonder Paste!! Introducing Pro Expert

  1. I’m a fan of Oral B products. This is worth trying because of all the benefits that are listed from the toothpaste product. It’s not bad to be a teeth freak because we don’t we cannot replace permanent teeth anymore so better take really good care of your teeth.

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