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Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches

22 Dec 2014 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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There has been a whole lot of excitement about the new collection from OPI that’s inspired by the book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey and ever since I first wrote about it at the beginning of November, it has remained one of the most clicked posts. Now, for your viewing pleasure, I have the Opi 50 Shades of Grey swatches for you, and it has to be said, they are seriously lovely.

Opi 50 Shades of Grey
Opi 50 Shades of Grey

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches

So the collection comprises 5 grey shades and a red. There had to be a red in there because there couldn’t be a sexy nail polish collection without a red could there?

Opi 50 Shades of Grey

We have My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved, Dark Side of the Mood, Shine for Me, Cement the Deal and Embrace the Grey. I have always loved grey polishes – they are super chic – and I love them even more now!

My Silk Tie:

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches – My Silk Tie

“This silky, gleaming silver has got me all tied up”. This is a really pretty silver but my least favourite as I don’t love the way metallic shades like these always streak unless you are a serious nail pro. As you know, I am not.

Romantically Involved:

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches – Romantically Involved

“I’m in a deep relationship with the luscious red creme”. I adore this shade – it is so rich and glossy and has a touch of brick in it to bring it down from pillar box red. Very classy.

Dark Side of the Mood:

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches – Dark Side of the Mood

“This brooding, stormy charcoal is dangerously gorgeous”. This is the favourite of the collection for me. I am obsessed with this super dark bluish grey. It’s so easy to apply and looks super luxurious.

Shine for Me:

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches – Shine for Me

“This shimmering blue with subtle blue sparkle really turns me on!”. This is even more stunning in real life. Love it.

Cement the Deal:

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches – Cement the Deal

“I’d sign anything to get my hands on this stony cool gray”. This is another favourite for me – it bright, light and beautiful.

Embrace the Grey:

Opi 50 Shades of Grey Swatches – Embrace the Gray

“Let this chic, moody gray creme become one with you”. Another cool. bluey grey but much deeper… and a beauty.

Opi 50 Shades of Grey

I am so impressed with these Opi 50 Shades of Grey swatches. I think this collection is going to be a real winner. I really had trouble deciding which one to keep on. I wanted to go with Dark Side of the Mood but Romantically Involved won because it’s Christmas!!

The collection launches on 7th January 2015 and each polish costs £11.95. You can also pick up a set of minis for £19.95. Find it HERE in the UK and HERE in the US



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