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Omorovicza Gold Facial Set Review

6 Jan 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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If luxury skincare is your thing then you definitely need to get involved with this gorgeous trio from Omorovicza. This is the Omorovicza Gold Facial Set.
Omorovicza Gold Facial Set Review

The Omorovicza Gold Facial Set contains 3 products – the Gold Flash Firming Serum (30ml), Gold Rescue Cream (50ml) and Gold Eye Lift (15ml)..

They are absolutely beautiful products – the kind you know straight away that your skin is going to love, if you know what I mean?
Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum
Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum is a beautifully light yet potent serum that absorbs into my skin really quickly and feels instantly soothing. It contains anti-inflammatory colloidal gold, help to repair, Polypeptides to strengthen collagen, elastin for elasticity and Vitamin C to enhances skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots. There’s also Watercress extract, zinc and Sodium Hyaluronate to brighten and even out skin tone and promote long lasting hydration.
It makes my skin feel firm, bouncy and super comfortable.

Omorovicza Gold Rescue Cream

The Omorovicza Gold Rescue Cream can only be described luscious! Goodness I absolutely love this stuff!! It is super rich and glossy and feels totally amazing, really healing and soothing. It is described as a barrier cream but doesn’t contain mineral oil. It is packed with Omega 6 ceramide to make the skin glow, colloidal Gold to strengthen and repair, plus elastin and collagen for firmness. It is so nourishing and  makes my skin super radiant.

Omorovicza Gold Facial Set Review

Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift is a beautifully light eye cream and high tech too! It uses Omorovicza’s patented mineral delivery system with a gradual-release 3-D matrix technology. This means that it has “an immediate tensing effect” on the skin which repeats itself throughout the day. Vitamins K and C are included to brighten and work on dark circles, and arnica deals with puffiness. It also contains Retinol to reverse signs of sun damage.

Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift Review

This is a really effective eye cream and I think it immediately improves the appearance of fine lines and is amazing under my makeup. Love it!!

I don’t think I am alone in my new love for Omorovicza. When I posted a pic instagram, quite a few people confessed their love too!

The Omorovicza Gold Facial Set is available from for £242 (regular price £285). You can also buy Omorovicza at Feel Unique.

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