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Olay Regenerist Skin Energising Upgrade & Regenerist Luminous

6 Mar 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Olay Regenerist has had a major upgrade and every product in the range now has very impressive new Skin Energising Technology created in response to major research carried out in the Cellular Bioenergetics field.
Olay Regenerist Upgrade and Regenerist Luminous 

Olay have some seriously whizzy technology that uses a laser signal that can have enormously magnified view of the skin and capture levels of cellular bioernergy. This is incredibly useful as it has been proven that there’s a strong relationship between cellular bioenergetics and ageing.

Olay looked at skin energy in women early 20s to early mid-late 60s and they could see that there’s a steady decline in bio-energy. Interestingly, energy declines and at the same time free radical damage goes up, so it all kind of goes the wrong way. The aim of is to try and balance out these changes.
Skin cells lacking in energy aren’t able to make as much collagen and also skin fatigue can mean that skin cells aren’t able to take full advantage of the anti-ageing ingredients in products. Ironically, when the skin needs more help, it doesn’t have the energy to use it. Typical!
New Olay Regenerist Skin Energising Technology
So how have Olay dealt with this? Well they have upped the levels of key ingredients in their Regenerist range which means that application boosts skin energy and makes the skin able to better use the anti-ageing ingredients and act like younger skin. Brilliant! Also the Regenerist formula has been flipped  to being oil in water, rather than the other way round, which means that all the goodies can penetrate faster into the skin.
Especially good for me as apparently my cells were rather sleepy! That will be down to a touch too much wine at dinner the night before. Oops!! Not to worry, the new formulations can set your wrinkles back by 10 years.
Olay Regenerist Luminous
There’s also a brand new range, Olay Regenerist Luminous which has been born out of all this new knowledge about the relationship between skin energy and ageing. Younger skins, although not perhaps needing as much help with lines and wrinkles, do suffer with pigmentation issues. Olay Regenerist Luminous contains targeted ingredients to fade hyperpigmentation, along with the Skin Energising Technology. It is designed to penetrate 10 layers into the skin’s surface and renews it layer by layer.
I have had a little play with the new products – Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream and Dark Circle Correcting Eye Swirl – and they feel really nice. I particularly like the eye treatment as it has a pearlescent quality and instantly brightens the area.
New Olay Regenerist with Skin Energising Technology and Regenerist Luminous will be available 1st April  2014 and both lines will be exclusive to Boots.
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