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Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner Review

25 Mar 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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As someone that heat styles their hair rather a lot, deep conditioning treatments are very important to me. So it is really exciting when I discover a good one that is super effective and works quickly too. I like maximum  output for minimum effort!
Well, Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner* is just that!
Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner Review
As you’d expect from Ojon, this stuff is really good!
Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner is a dual-phase hair treatment which contains three butters and seven oils to deeply nourish the hair and make it shine.
So, the two phases are represented by two different colours and I have to say, it really reminds me of the centre of a creme egg!! Look!

Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner Review
The white cream softens the hair, while the yellow part nourishes, repairs and conditions. All you do is use it in place of your regular conditioner when you need an extra boost – you squeeze it out, blend it together, apply to the hair and leave for two minutes. If your hair is seriously damaged, you can use it every time you  would normally condition.
A clinical wet hair combing study has shown that Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner reduces friction force and improves ease of combing by 98%! I tested this out by brushing my wet hair straight after the shower without adding any other product (as I normally would) and it was so easy. My tangle teezer just slipped through it. Incredible!
My hair is now super shiny and feels silky soft – even after the first use.
Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner Review
Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner is £29 – buy it HERE*.
Hairstyling fanatics…you may want to stick this on your list!!
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