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NuBo Skincare. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

14 Feb 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Last week I attended an event where I was treated to a really special facial from NuBo.
It was special for a few reasons. One, it made my skin feel super soft. Two, my skin was still soft and looked really radiant the next morning. Three, one of the products used contained crushed diamonds. Four, it was performed by legendary facialist Caroline Hitchcock. Enough said!
Caroline Hitchcock, Beauty Expert
NuBo is a breakthrough in beauty. It is gorgeously luxurious and is not only able to repair existing damage, but it’s also able to protect and re-start the natural processes inside the skin to turn back the ageing clock. Fabbie!
There is tonnes of scientific research behind these products, and if this is your thing, click here to learn more.
NoBu Diamond Peel and Reveal
So as you can probably tell, the major things that stood out for me were THE DIAMONDS!!! Caroline used the Diamond Peel & Reveal which is a two-step microdermabrasion and peeling system to retexture and brighten the skin.
Step 1 the Exfoliator, containing real diamond dust and dry micro-sponges, is applied on to dry skin to create optimum friction. It gently polishes the skin and eliminates dead skin cells.
Step 2 is the Activator and this is where the magic starts. A fizzing reaction activates the microsponges which then swell, roll and spin creating micro-vibration to lift and absorb remaining impurities. Fruit enzymes and lactic acid stimulate cell renewal and a peeling action.
Skin is left beautifully radiant. It loves the diamonds!
The other gorgeous product that really jumped out was the Voile which is a divine silky balm that gives the skin a beautiful soft focus effect whilst plumping up the skin, hydrating and filling fine lines and wrinkles.
As I get older, I am definitely leaning more towards makeup with added skincare benefits and this is the cosmeceutical, futuristic answer to my prayers!! It feels completely amazing and looks completely amazing. Natural beauty in a super cute bottle. Check out the packaging. So pretty!
NoBu Voile
Now if you would like to try how this range, which I highly recommend, then NuBo and Harrods have a brilliant opportunity for you.
Beauty By Appointment is offering a choice of four different 50 minute NuBo facials for a booking fee of just £50.
Not only is this an incredible price for a high quality 50 minute treatment but get this… the booking redeemable against any NuBo products purchased on the day of your appointment. Amazing! Practically a free facial!
Call Harrods on 0207 730 1234 ext 3285 to book.
Have you tried NuBo yet?
Can’t wait to hear from you

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  1. Diamond peeling makes the skin lighter, younger and with more even tone. Some claim that this procedure helps them achieve a flawless complexion since it helps erase acne scars, freckles, and other skin imperfections. It is said that it is also an effective way to diminish stretch marks.

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