Too Faced Love Light Highlighters March 2017 - Sneak Peek
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Too Faced Love Light Highlighters March 2017

11 Jan 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Well if you needed something to brighten up your week then I have just the thing! There are new Too Faced Highlighters launching for March 2017 and they look incredible! Here’s a look at the upcoming Too Faced Love Light Highlighters. Now launched in the US here

Too Faced Love Light Highlighters
Too Faced Love Light Highlighters (image from Jerrod Blandino)

When I saw these my heart skipped a beat. I have a lot of highlighters. It’s almost an official fact that I have too many highlighters, if that was possible. However, I have decided that it really isn’t possible to have too many because glow that can be seen from outer space brings me true just joy, and joy is one of those things that you should never turn down!

Too Faced Love Light Highlighters Features

The new Too Faced Highlighters come in a heart shaped compact (another serious win) and three shades which look absolutely beautiful.

  • Heart-shaped highlighter with a silky smooth texture that allows for a buildable pearl radiance
  • Uses an exclusive liquid-to-powder freeze dry process
  • Love Light takes the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formulas to create unparalleled colour payoff
  • Delivers a pearl radiance and silky smooth texture
  • Uses a luminosity boosting agent and high pearl consistency that instantly brightens
  • Intense colour payoff with a radiant finish
  • Universal shades create a flattering glow
  • Incandescent glow with mesmerizing metallic shine

Exclusive Liquid-to-Powder Freeze Dry Process

Now of course we want to know what inspired Jerrod Blandino when he set about creating Too Faced Love Light Highlighters. He wanted to capture that ethereal glow that occurs only when a woman is in love! He he went to Italy to discover an exclusive liquid-to-powder freeze dry process that enables the light reflecting pigments to float in the powder.

This innovative technology keeps the pearls spherical so they’re able to reflect light from any angle.

There’s a peachy champagne shade, a true gold shade and also a pale gold shade. I think I am going to need them all. That’s ok isn’t it? At least so that I can show then to you right?!

The new Too Faced Love Light highlighters are set to launch March 2017, which is a US date. The UK may get them in April or May, but here’s hoping its soon! It will launch here at Too Faced first.

Shop the Too Faced current collections in the UK HERE and the US HERE.

UPDATE: Now on sale in the US here



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