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Gosh Lumi Drops Blusher Launch

11 Feb 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Last year Gosh introduced Lumi Drops liquid highlighter in 3 shades- Vanilla, Peach and Bronze. Now, Gosh are bringing out the Gosh Lumi Drops Blusher adding two new blusher shades to the Lumi Drops collection. I have been sent 009 Coral Blush to try out (the other new shade is 008 Rose Blush).

Gosh Copenhagen is Danish (obviously!) and their products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. All their products are certified cruelty free by PETA, big thumbs up there! Lumi Drops are vegan friendly and have skincare benefits. It’s sounding rather good isn’t it?

Lumi Drops are infused with Dandelion extract. Dandelion leaves contain more more Vitamin A than carrots and are rich in Vitamin B,C,D, Flavonoids and plant sterols.

Gosh Lumi Drops Blusher Shade 009 Coral Blush

Lumi Drops come in a small plastic bottle with a narrow nozzle. The tip of the bottle is very fine making it easy to dispense a tiny amount.

Gosh Lumi drops Blusher in 009 Coral
Gosh Lumi Drops Blusher in 009 Coral

You only need the smallest amount of product to produce a good effect and the bottle makes it easy to control. You won’t inadvertently squeeze out enough to do your entire body. I can see 15mls lasting a fair while.

I’m a big fan of liquid blushes (currently using Becca Beach Tint, which is a hefty £20 for 7mls). I find that powder blush tends to go streaky after a few hours on my oily skin. Liquid blush is great for creating a natural long lasting flush. I am always on the hunt for a liquid blusher that doesn’t make me look like I have broken capillaries all over my cheeks, which can be a danger.

Gosh Lumi Drops blusher really gets the balance right- it looks natural but at the same time totally visible. Also, it is easy to apply. I have been putting a little blob on the back of my hand and patting it into place with my ring finger. You could totally use a soft blending brush for the job if you wanted to. There is plenty of blending time in it so you can get it just right.

Gosh Lumi Drops in Coral gives a sheer peachy flush which you can build up for a strong blusher look or keep it light for a natural appearance. I’m not big on blushers with shimmer, can’t be doing with bits of glitter on my face, but Lumi Drops just gives a sheen where the light catches it. You just get a really appealing glow .

Lumi Drops Blusher Coral Swatch

Gosh Lumi drops Blusher in 009 Coral swatch
Gosh Lumi Drops Blusher in 009 Coral

Lumi Drops Blusher Coral On The Skin

Gosh Lumi drops Blusher in 009 Coral
Gosh Lumi Drops Blusher in 009 Coral

I’m really chuffed that this product has found its way into my life, it’s a little gem. I am definitely going to be buying this again and I’m totally looking forward to trying the Rose shade too.

RRP- £8.99 for 15 mls, Gosh Lumidrops Blush is available to order online here

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    1. Thanks for the comment Toni! I would say that Lumidrops have a thicker more gel like consistency than Daniel Sandler’s watercolour. Similar sort of product though and Lumidrops is a bit cheaper!

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