New Clairol Nice’n Easy - How To Dye Your Hair at Home
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New Clairol Nice’n Easy – How To Dye Your Hair at Home*

14 May 2018 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I absolutely love to colour my hair at home because it can be done so quickly and effectively, and means I don’t have to spend loads of time and money in a salon. I have always used Clairol to dye my hair and cover my roots and I was super excited to discover a brand new and improved formula that has been 10 years in the making. Here’s the low-down on the new Clairol Nice’n Easy formula with damage-blocking and allergy-gentle technology and my guide to dying your hair at home.

New Clairol Nice’n Easy
New Clairol Nice’n Easy

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The new technology that Clairol has developed is super clever and really interesting. I don’t want to bore you with too many details, but here are the highlights that I think anyone that has been hesitant to use hair dye at home will find pretty compelling.

New Clairol Nice’n Easy
New Clairol Nice’n Easy

New Clairol Nice’n Easy Formula

I have been testing out the new Clairol Nice’n Easy formula and it’s brilliant. I always got on well with the original formulation, however, my experience with the new one was so impressive. It barely smells at all, feels super gentle on my scalp and was even easier to work through the hair. Bonus! I have been super pleased with the results and have had so many compliments on the colour, even from professionals on a shoot with Headmasters!!

New Clairol Nice’n Easy
New Clairol Nice’n Easy
  • Breakthrough formula that teams damage blocking technology± with a revolutionary hair dye molecule, ME+ to reduce the risk of developing a new allergy
  • Allergy Gentle formula that conditions in every step
  • New patented permanent hair colour technology helps block damage with EDDS technology±
  • No ammonia smell

So, the new formula is a major breakthrough for a few reasons.

Reduced Risk of Allergy

First of all, PPD and PTD, the molecules found in around 90% of permanent hair dye that are responsible for high quality colour results are often the most common triggers of hair dye allergic reactions. Clairol carried out 10 years of research and screened hundreds of molecules to find ME+ which works to reduce the risk of developing a new allergy. It does this thanks to its shape that is not recognised by the immune system so easily and is therefore less likely to create an allergic response.

Damage Blocking Technology

The new formula also helps block damage with EDDS technology±. This works to encapsulate copper and prevent it from reacting with water and other free radicals which can damage hair. It means there’s less protein damage at the surface of the hair, the colour is more even, and the results last longer.

New Clairol Nice’n Easy - Shade 5W
New Clairol Nice’n Easy – Shade 5W

New Clairol Nice’n Easy also uses conditioners and antioxidants at every step of the colouring process, to make sure hair stay soft and smooth.

Better fragrance

This is the change I noticed most because I didn’t feel the need to get the windows open! Clairol has added new ammonia trapping technology that encapsulates the unwanted ammonia smell and replaces it with a fresh lily scent with accent notes of green apple, mimosa and pear and a base of smooth musk and heliotrope flower.

New Clairol Nice’n Easy – How To

So now that all the tech is out of the way, this is the easiest part to write because it’s such an easy process, even on longer hair like mine. I used to have to use three or four boxes of the old formula, but I found I only needed 2 boxes with the new one which is great. It seems to go further and spread through the hair so easily.

New Clairol Nice’n Easy - Shade 5W
New Clairol Nice’n Easy – Shade 5W

Patch Test

Even though proven to be less likely to trigger a new allergic reaction, it is still essential to do a patch test, which is a pretty simple process. All you will need to do is mix up a tiny amount of the dye solution (combine a touch from the pigment tube with a little from the developer bottle). Next place behind your ear or on your inside elbow 48 hrs before dying. So long as you mix and use the remaining solution within a couple of days of opening to perform the patch test, the dye will not deteriorate and lead to less than optimum results.

Protect & Go

I use a hair clip to secure an old towel around my shoulders to protect my clothes. Then I get colouring. You pop on the gloves, squeeze the tube into the developer bottle, shake it up and start applying to the roots. Once the roots are done, I start working it though the lengths and ends making sure all the hair is saturated. I keep a few wipes handy to remove any dye that has touched the skin as I go.

Use a Timer

I set a timer for 20 minutes and then rinse if off. You can leave for up to 45 minutes if you have stubborn grey. I follow with the Step 3 ColourSeal Conditioning Gloss and it’s all done. So easy!

New Clairol Nice’n Easy - Shade 5W
New Clairol Nice’n Easy – Shade 5W

The Results

The result is gorgeous, glossy rich colour with no irritation and time lost in the salon. I always get compliments on my hair colour and I seem to spend my life saying it’s Nice’n Easy 5W!!

New Clairol Nice’n Easy - Shade 5W
New Clairol Nice’n Easy – Shade 5W

You order the new Clairol Nice’n Easy formula from Superdrug and when the greys start to appear between colouring, I use the root touch up kit in shade 5.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products.

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This post is a collaboration with Clairol, however, as always all thoughts are my own.

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