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Neostrata Skincare Review With Before & After Pictures

9 Mar 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Neostrata Skincare is serious stuff. It’s the sort of skincare you would be prescribed by a dermatologist, with powerful concentrations of clinically proven ingredients. The presentation of the products reflects Neostrata’s clinical nature- plain functional packaging, no messing product names, fragrance free formulations. If it’s results you’re after, rather than pretty bottles, Neostrata is where it’s at.

Neostrata Skin Active Skincare
Neostrata Skin Active Skincare

Hailing from America, Neostrata is a global brand and their USP is delivering groundbreaking dermatological ingredients that provide real clinically proven results. Neostrata won the Cosmetics Range of the Year in the 2015 and has a celebrity following in Elle Macpherson and Ellie Goulding. So it comes well recommended.

I was sent a few Neostrata products to trial. Foremost is Neostrata’s most innovative product to date- Retinol and NAG Complex and also Bionic Face Serum, Foaming Glycolic Wash and Ultra Sheer Physical Protection SPF50. I have been using these exclusively for the last two months or so to fully experience their skin benefits.

I have problem skin- oily, acne prone, sun damaged from years of deliberately cooking my unprotected face on a beach in Majorca. So, I have Majorca- induced brown spots, uneven texture and pores. I have never been able to say I’ve had good skin and now that I’m 37 years old, you can add wrinkles to the list. Boohoo me, basically!
So I live in hope of a skincare epiphany! Here’s how I got on with Neostrata. Make sure you check out the before and after photos:

Neostrata Retinol + NAG Complex Serum £55 for 30mls

Neostrata Retinol and NAG Complex Serum
Neostrata Retinol and NAG Complex Serum

Retinol is a well documented anti-ageing ingredient. Proven to increase skin volume, reduce pores, age spots, sun damage, acne and wrinkles. Retinol is a powerhouse of skincare benefits. It has been seen in clinical studies that Retinol’s skin effects can be further increased by combining with other factors. Neostrata have combined 2.5% encapsulated Retinol with 4% Neoglucosamine (aka NAG). NAG is a precursor of hyaluronic acid (that means your skin is going to like it), it blocks melanin production (prevents pigmentation) and increases cell turnover.

The encapsulated Retinol in Retinol and NAG complex is based in something called a “porous polymeric delivery matrix” Ooh fancy! The Retinol and NAG work synergistically, which means that their combined effects are greater than the sum of their separate effects. In other words, they egg each other on.
Retinol and NAG complex comes in a tube with a pump. The tube is UV protected, as Retinol is broken down in UV light. The pump makes it easy to dispense a small amount. You only need the smallest amount of Retinol and NAG Complex as the creamy serum spreads easily and absorbs well.

You have to go slow and easy when you start using Retinol and NAG Complex. I literally used it twice weekly for a couple of weeks, then increased to every day over the course of 6 weeks. It’s so important to start slowly and see how your skin is responding before diving in. Retinol is well known for causing temporary side effects such as redness and peeling. But it needn’t be a problem, as long as you break yourself in gently. I got a bit excited and used Retinol and NAG Complex a bit too liberally to begin with, I felt the burn. If you do experience any dryness, leave off the Retinol for a couple of days before you press on and you’ll be fine.
I have included before and after pictures at the end of the post, see below for dramatic results! Retinol and NAG Complex made a real difference to my skin. The texture was so improved that I couldn’t stop touching my new smooth face. I haven’t had any new acne breakouts since using it, which is saying something.

Neostrata Ultra Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50 £34 for 50mls

Neostrata Ultra Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50
Neostrata Ultra Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50

When using a Retinol product you must also use a good good sunblock, as you’ll become more sensitive to the sun. Even though I live in Wales where the sun is not a permanent feature to say the least, I would still prefer to use daily sun protection. I have a big problem with sun screen, it exacerbates my acne. My skin hates sunblock so much that literally the day after I use it I will have several chin cysts (sorry if that’s TMI). I was quite nervous about having to use this sunblock, but I needn’t have been.

I can say wholeheartedly that Ultra Sheer Physical Protection is the best sunblock that I have ever used- hands down, no contest. My skin loves it. It doesn’t exacerbate my acne or leave a sticky white film.

Ultra Sheer Physical Protection Contains:

  • Titanium and Zinc Oxide- these are skin loving mineral sun protection factors
  • Lactobionic Acid for preserving the skin’s collagen and
  • Antioxidants EGCG, green tea extract and Vitamin E.

You have to give the bottle a good shake before dispensing. It has a thin oil like texture and a neutral skin coloured tint to it. Ultra Sheer Physical Protection melts into the skin leaving it feeling matte. The tint is sheer and obvious. If you’re confident enough you could wear Ultra Sheer Physical Protection alone (I’m not) or it makes a great base for makeup. I love this stuff and will definitely be replacing it once this bottle is empty.

Neostrata Bionic Face Serum £42 for 30mls

Bionic Face Serum is part of Neostrata’s “Targeted” range, usually prescribed by dermatologists for the intensive treatment of specific skin problems. Bionic Face Serum is a daily use Serum designed to improve radiance, wrinkles, pores and pigmentation.
It contains 10% Lactobionic Acid and Provitamins A, C and E to prevent DNA damage. Lactobionic Acid is a polyhydroxy Acid. It works in a similar way to other Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA), like Glycolic acid, but is much gentler and less likely to cause irritation. Lactobionic Acid, as well as dissolving away dead skin cells, also draws moisture into the epidermis and improves the skin’s own defences. This makes Bionic Face Serum a great choice for those with sensitive skin looking for a gentle acid exfoliation product.

Bionic Face Serum comes in a pump bottle and is a thick serum like gel. I find Bionic Face Serum leaves my skin a little too shiny to wear it under makeup, but it’s fine for evening use. It caused me no skin irritation whatsoever.
Bionic Face Serum is a good supportive serum for gently improving skin texture and is suitable for those with dry skin.

Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Wash £30 for 100mls

Part of Neostrata’s “Resurface” range, Foaming Glycolic Wash is a mousse/foam facial cleanser in a pump bottle. Foaming Glycolic Wash contains well known AHA exfoliator Glycolic Acid and Lactobionic Acid. Glycolic Acid removes dead skin cells to brighten the face and promotes new skin cell growth to give an anti-ageing effect. As I mentioned above, Lactobionic Acid is a more gentle, supportive acid exfoliant which also moisturises and defends.
I just use one pump’s worth of foam to cleanse after I have removed my makeup. There is nearly no scent to Foaming Glycolic wash. It’s not like any other face wash I’ve tried before. Foaming Glycolic Wash must have a good percentage of acid in it because it stings! Don’t get it in your eyes girls, you’ll regret it. I take it that the sting is a good thing, that the acid is doing it’s job. I tend to steer clear of Foaming Glycolic Wash when my skin is feeling dry or sore.
Foaming Glycolic Wash is a powerful acid based cleanser which exfoliates thoroughly and works with the Retinol and NAG Complex to speed up the skin resurfacing.

Neostrata Skin Active Skincare- Before and After

Neostrata Skin Active Skincare Review Before
Before Neostrata Skin Active Skincare
Neostrata Skin Active Skincare Review After
After Neostrata Skin Active Skincare

I swear on my life, brownie guide honour, that neither photo has been edited in any way other than cropping.

I definitely saw a marked improvement in my skin. There was a visible improvement in texture and pigmentation which increased over time. Neostrata Skin Active Skincare products contain proven ingredients that made a definite difference to my skin. I would definitely recommend to anyone committed to making a real change in their face to improve fine lines, pigmentation and acne blemishes.

You can find the full range of Neostrata Skin Active Skincare products to order online here. 

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  1. You explained the products in detail…Thankyou!
    I started using their products and than stopped, cause life happened. Now that I’m a Widow I am trying to take care of myself more. Out if all the products that you used which ones if any are you using or maybe are in your rotation? My dermatologist had told me that once you start on these products you need to stick with it. Anyways thanks for the review.

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