NARS Climax Extreme Mascara Review, Before & After
By Ree

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara Review, Before & After

8 Sep 2020 (Updated: 26 Jan 2021)

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I have been testing out the new NARS Climax Extreme Mascara and I have to say it’s impressive. My Pilates teacher asked me if I had had eyelash extensions! Check out my before and after photos. Here’s everything you need to know.

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara
NARS Climax Extreme Mascara

So this new launch claims to be the mascara that delivers NARS’ most dramatic volume yet, and I am inclined to agree!! You can get major lashes in just one coat and even bigger, thicker lashes in two coats. Keep reading for my before and after photos.

Check out the brand new NARS Extreme Effect Palette swatches.

What is NARS Climax Extreme?

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara
NARS Climax Extreme Mascara
  • NARS’ brand new mascara with Loaded Pigment Complex
  • Uses an XXXL ribbed-bristle brush
  • Creates instant volume with latex-like black pigment
  • Uses the original Climax Mascara’s whipped, blackened pigments
  • Lifts the lashes with a flexible finish

Loaded Pigment Complex

“A dynamic combination of our purest micro-pigments, infused with conditioning oils to instantly and evenly saturate lashes with our deepest black yet”.

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara
NARS Climax Extreme Mascara

Before & After Photos

Obviously, this is always the fun part for mascara reviews.

One Coat
Two Coats

My Review

Update: 20th September 2020: I don’t love these photos because I really don’t think they do the mascara justice. Having been testing for a couple of weeks now, I have to say I like it a lot and thoroughly recommend it. You will see it a bit over on my instagram.

I haven’t got any other makeup on in the above shot, so the lashes look at little out of place, but I wore it with a full face and some eyeshadow today and it looked really good. Also, if you love a smoky eye, this mascara will be the one.

The formula is really creamy so it coats the lashes effortlessly. This also makes sure that the lashes stay soft and don’t go crispy. You can top up, even once the mascara has completely dried, so it’s perfect if you want a light coat during the day, and then want to amp up the volume for the evening.

Dramatic Lashes

If you like a really dramatic lash look, I think you will really like this mascara. It certainly delivers that false lash effect, and every time I caught site of myself in a mirror, even from a distance, I noticed my lashes. As I said right at the beginning of this post, with two coats my Pilates teacher thought that I had lash extensions on.

It is both very volumising and lengthening, especially if you opt for two coats. The mascara has been formulated to give the full impact effect in one coat, so unless you wanted massive lashes, you really wouldn’t need to go for two. I just always do it out of habit.

NARS Climax Extreme lasted really well on my lashes, and even survived a session on my Peloton bike. There was a tiny bit of smudging after, but nothing to complain about because I was sweating quite a bit.

Another thing that has impressed me is how easy it is to remove. I took mine off with a gel cleanser in the shower, and pretty much all of it rinsed away cleanly. With a mascara as black as this one, that isn’t always the case.

Where to buy NARS Climax Extreme Mascara

The new mascara is £22 and available at:

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