NARS Audacious Fragrance Review - The Essence of Audacity
By Ree

NARS Audacious Fragrance Review

26 Sep 2019

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When I found out there was a NARS Audacious Fragrance launching I was so excited because I am obsessed with their Monoi candle and body oil. They smell amazing! I had my fingers crossed that this perfume would have a similar vibe, and the good news is, it does! Here’s what you need to know.

NARS Audacious Fragrance
NARS Audacious Fragrance

So this is NARS’ Founder and Creative Director, Francois Nars’ first foray into fragrance, and it’s an instant hit for me. This is a gorgeous, sexy scent, and it gives the skin a soft and sensual warmth. It has a lovely creamy, almost milky quality.

What Notes are in NARS Audacious Fragrance

NARS Audacious Fragrance
NARS Audacious Fragrance
  • Top Notes – White Frangipani, Incense Smoke
  • Heart Notes – Tiare Blossom, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil, Sandalwood
  • Base Notes – White Cedarwood Essential Oil, White Musk

The white flowers combine beautifully with the musky woodiness. I love the Tiare note which I think is the element that makes me obsess over the Monoi body oil. This would be amazing layered over the oil and apparently doing this works really well to make the notes in the fragrance pop.

NARS Audacious Fragrance
NARS Audacious Fragrance

I love the heavy glass bottle. It is black with a thick clear base and subtle NARS branding. The lid is really unique and the whole thing is a really handsome affair – super chic and sophisticated.

Where to Buy

NARS Audacious Fragrance is £125 and will be available at NARS, Harrods and NARS online.

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One thought on “NARS Audacious Fragrance Review

  1. I bought Audacious but sent it back a few days later, all I get on me is sweet incense, and longevity is too soft..the bottle is beautiful but the perfume is in my opinion way isnt anything special, and try before you buy as it isnt cheap.

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