Nailberry L’oxygene Breathable Nail Polish Review

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Vegan and cruelty free nail polishes are increasing in number and Nailberry are a brand that have been making waves in this space for a while. They are a relatively new Chelsea based company that opened their doors towards the end of 2012. Founder Sonia Hully created cruelty free products that are as natural as possible, starting with the Four Free of Chemicals collection.

Nailberry L'Oxygene

A little over two years later and they have released the new Nailberry L’oxygene formula, which is now free from five chemicals. This is the collection I’ll be reviewing today.

Nailberry L’oxygene is a collection of breathable nail products that allow air and moisture to pass through the polish. This means your nails will be healthier and will help with the consequences of having a few too many gel manicures over the years!

There are currently forty-eight colours in this collection.  I tried out four of the newest ones – Love Me Tender, Silver Lining, Flocon and Silver Dust.

Nailberry L'Oxygene
Nailberry L’oxygene Collection

Nailberry Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender is a beautiful nude pink that I was drawn to straight away. To me it’s the perfect shade and I had high hopes for it, but unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. When I applied the colour to my nails I found it to be thick, gloopy and difficult to use. After a little while the product also became stringy when getting it out of the bottle. On a positive note I found that it did dry quickly. Disappointingly it didn’t last long on my nails even with a clear top coat. I’m hoping that mine was just faulty because the colour is so pretty and has so much potential to be a favourite for anyone that likes a pink nude.

Nailberry Silver Lining

Next up is Silver Lining, which is a cool metallic silver that glides easily onto the nail. It’s fully opaque although for a deeper colour I added a second coat as it’s quite a thin nail polish. It was quickly touch-dry after I had applied it, which meant I often added a second coat. I found Silver Lining had real longevity on the nails even without a top coat, which was a bonus and meant my nails looked fab for longer!

Nailberry L'Oxygene
Nailberry L’oxygene Swatches L-R: Silver Lining, Love Me Tender, Flocon, Star Dust

Nailberry Flocon

The second of the solid colours is Flocon. It’s a bright white that was the opposite to Love me Tender in consistency – much thinner. I actually found this to be almost too thin and watery. You have to be a pro to apply this and make it good, particularly because the white colour makes any mistakes more noticeable. One for the experts! After two coats the colour looked amazing on my nails especially with a clear top coat. It’s a great spring/summer colour that will keep you coming back.

Nailberry Star Dust

Last but not least is Star Dust. This contains a gorgeous glitter that twinkles in the sunlight, the picture really doesn’t do it justice. It can be worn on it’s own or over a block colour to add some depth. I found more coats I added the more sparkly it got, and I’m kinda in love! I found the only downside was that it peels off after a couple of days, even when applied over a block colour.

Overall I had some mixed results in the application the four polishes I tried out. However I loved all of the colours and the fact that they’re vegan and cruelty free is a big plus! I can’t wait to try more.

The Nailberry L’oxygene collection is priced between £14.50 and £17.00 and is available to order online here

Happy Shopping!

Emily x

Emily Hearts


  • Hi thanks for the interesting post. Do these polishes smell like ‘normal’ polishes? I use Little Ondine as the smell of ordinary polishes affects my breathing but they peel off after 3 or 4 days.

  • I love the colour of Soigne polishes which are 4 free too but they don’t last on my nails at all. Very disappointing and annoying!

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