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My Sure Maximum Protection Challenge

19 Mar 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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There’s a new deodorant on the block that promises to deal with sweat in a zero tolerance way! 
Sure Maximum Protection Challenge
It’s very different to anything I have tried which is quite exciting because as my days and nights get busier, I am finding that my current deodorants just don’t stand up to the job.
See, although not a complete sweat monster, I am a bit of an emotional sweater and I can go from cool, calm and collected to hot, sticky and panting before you can say Jack Robinson (who is Jack Robinson?).
So I was super happy to be given the opportunity to put Sure Maximum Protection to the test, and I really have been testing it! I shall come back to you with the verdict on Friday…
And here is what I’m expecting, according to Sure Maximum Protection…

  • Offers TWICE the protection against sweat compared to the best-selling * antiperspirant 
  • 48 hour protection
  • Stronger to protect you, but still mild enough to use everyday
I need to apply it before bed, and while I sleep the formula builds a layer of protection that will last for the following day, even after I’ve showered. Importantly, it is mild enough to re-apply in the morning too (mainly for my piece of mind).
I am going to try it with and without re-application in the morning to see how much difference it makes.
I have been doing quite a few things that take me out of my comfort zone recently so there’s lots opportunity to truly test it out.
There two varieties – Sure Maximum Protection Confidence and Sure Maximum Protection Sensitive. Both are available to buy from for £5.30.
Make sure you check back on Friday to find out my verdict!
What makes you sweat?!
*This challenge is sponsored by Sure Maximum Protection.

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2 thoughts on “My Sure Maximum Protection Challenge

  1. I’m the same…an emotional sweater!! Plus I run and sweat, sweat!! The latter doesn’t bother me but the former did until I discovered Driclor – it’s amazing and the only thing that works for me!!

  2. Have been using this since last year and it’s the only one that has ever solved the sweaty betties without bringing me out in a rash:D Definitely desert island stuff.

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