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My New Eco-Chic Tan from Karora

27 Jan 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Karora Self Tan Mist

About a week ago I popped over to the Sanderson Hotel in London to meet Karen Brown, founder of Karora Cosmetics.
Karora is a new fake tan brand with a difference. Karora products are made from natural, botanical ingredients like grape seed oil and horse chestnut extract to keep skin nourished, protected and smooth.
Read on for more info and a before and after pic!

I love a bit of fake tan but it does tend to take its toll on my skin – I find it really drying and it’s a constant battle to keep my skin hydrated.
Karora promises that these down sides of fake tanning will be a thing of the past. And as you can imagine I was extremely excited to try it out!
Check out these promised benefits:
  • Natural and Organic 
  • Colour Guide for flawless application 
  • Long lasting with perfect fade 
  • Moisturising & Skin Firming Formula 
  • Aromatic Melon and Sweet Orange Fragrance 
  • No Parabens, Chemicals, Artificial Fragrances or Synthetic Dyes 
  • Cruelty Free 
Now before I tried it out, I hadn’t tanned for a while so I was pretty white!! I did a nice light application to my upper body using a mitt and this is what it looked like the following day after showering…
Karora Self Tan Mist

My arm is on the left and my pasty white leg is on the right. It looks very natural doesn’t it?
It was easy to apply, dried pretty much instantly and I was able to get dressed and go about my business.
It smelt lovely and I wasn’t aware of any DHA developing smell at any point. I found the colour really even and natural looking – I really couldn’t ask for more from a tan. Particuarly because it is fading slowly and evenly. Next time I will build up the tan for more intensity (and do my legs!!!).

I think I LOVE it!!!
The Original Karora Self Tan Mist I used is 8% DHA. There is a darker version that has 12% that I’d like to try too!! I love to go dark as well!!!

Karora Instant Wash Off Tan
The other product I’ve had a quick try of is the Karora Instant Wash Off Tan. This is a great little number too which gives you an instant fix with no need to wait for it to develop. It is really beautifying!!
I shall try that properly soon and report back.
Big thumbs up so far for Karora from me.

Visit for more info. Prices start at £14.99.
Does the idea of an organic, botanical tan appeal to you?

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3 thoughts on “My New Eco-Chic Tan from Karora

  1. Couldn’t wait to try this, have just ordered some of the Dark mist!!! It’s all priced in Euros at 14.99 so including a 3.00 delivery it works out to £15.59 in sterling. Will let you know how i get on with it……..can’t wait, always love to try a new fake tan!! Lucy xxxx

  2. Just to let you know that we all love the Karora tanning products and stock their complete range; it’s just about as pure as you can get in a tan! Gret scent and long lasting, natural results.

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