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Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume Review

13 Sep 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Monsoon have always caught my eye in store with their beautifully bottled and amazing smelling fragrances. I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds themselves standing in line, waiting to pay, going through the array of fragrances on offer. I’ve always admired them from afar, and I recently got my hands on the Monsoon Rose Gold perfume.

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume
Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

If the name alone isn’t enough to win you over (because let’s face it everyone loves rose gold at the moment) just look at the packaging! The lightweight, round, gold printed bottle is so pretty and sits perfectly on my side table in my bedroom. The lid also clicks into place with a rose gold colour to the bottom so you won’t find any leakages in your bag any time soon!

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Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume Notes:

When I first smelled this perfume I wasn’t 100% sure how I felt about it. It smelt quite mature and perhaps more suited to someone older than me, but slowly the scents started to come together. Monsoon brought in Christian Provenzano to create this fragrance and he hasn’t let them down.

The fragrance’s top notes are lemon, fruit and ozonic scents.  These are layered with rose, tuberose, neroli and cyclamen and then the base notes are eastern wood, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber. While I can’t quite promise you I can smell every one of these in the perfume it certainly has a scent of rose, lemon and fruit!

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume Wear Time

I found the wear time to this perfume is just as good as the most expensive perfumes in my collection. I can apply a couple of sprays in the morning and still smell it in the evening. I was really surprised and pleased at the wear time of this as it wasn’t something I expected to be so thrilled about.

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume
Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume Bottle

Available in a 100ml, 50ml or 30ml Monsoon give you an array of choices and I think this would be the perfect gift if you have a birthday or celebration coming up. I’m really pleased with this perfume, not only does it look beautiful, it also smells unreal and it’s become a firm favourite in my collection. In fact, I’ve found I use this more than any of my other perfumes! 

You can find Monsoon Rose Gold to order online here

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