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Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit

23 Apr 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Get ready for lots of lovely nail art from me. Actually don’t. Get ready for lots of ‘attempts’ at lovely nail art from me because Models Own have launched this fabulous Nail Art Kit that contains everything you need to get super creative on your tips!
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
Models Own have created the perfect kit for nail art pros and wannabes with 2 duo dotting tools, and 4 professional brushes all in a super chic white finish.

Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
Now I am a nail art newbie so I have been studying what I do with all these brushes. The dotting tools are pretty straight forward and I am spoilt for choice on dot size now. I am probably going to start here. And how exciting are the brushes? 
Models Own are giving us four professional brushes for more intricate  (I’ll try) artwork…
There’s the Short Detailing Brush to paint controlled small details, designs and shapes:
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
The Fan Brush to create feather effects, colour fade and ombre designs:
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
A Flat/Wide Brush for wider line drawing, detailing and filling in:
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
And a Striping Brush to create intricate stripes and lines:
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit
Also included is a pack of Nail Art Tape for high precision lines, shapes, colour blocking and details. Exciting isn’t it? I imagine I will get into all kinds of messes but it will definitely be fun!
Best news? As you’d expect from Models Own, the Nail Art Tool Kit is a real bargain. You get this whole stash for £8. It’s available from Models Own Bottleshops worldwide from 3 May 2014 and at and Boots any minute now.
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