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Mii Illuminating Face Base Review

19 Aug 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have never used anything from beauty brand Mii before but was completely enticed by the name of the Illuminating Face Base. Anything that suggests glow, radiance and luminosity gets me before I have even seen it. Obviously some products make you glow more than others and I have to say I have been rather impressed with the Mii Illuminating Face Base.
Mii Illuminating Face Base Review
I chose shade Warm Glow which looks a little dark but it is a colour matching foundation so I was hoping it would just warm up my complexion nicely.
Here’s a look at it:
Mii Illuminating Face Base Review
Mii Illuminating Face Base Review
Mii Illuminating Face Base Review
As you can see, Mii Illuminating Face Base in Warm Glow goes on quite dark but blends seamlessly into my skin tone giving it a subtle boost of colour.
And here it is on my face with no other face makeup (apart from a bit of a smudge of mascara that I didn’t notice when I took the pic!!):
Mii Illuminating Face Base Review
I was thrilled with the finish on my skin – it gave me a super glowy, evened-out complexion and also felt really hydrating. I am thinking that this will also be great for winter skin which tends to dry out a bit more than usual.
The only thing I am not so keen on with the Mii Illuminating Face Base is the packaging. Although the pot is fun and it feels more like art, they do get a bit messy so not my ideal packaging. I like a pump! But it’s a minor detail.
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