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MICROPedi from Emjoi Review

2 Jul 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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MICRO Pedi from Emjoi
MICRO Pedi from Emjoi
This little gadget, the Emjoi MICROPedi is an absolute revelation!! I am in love with it!! Not only is it massively effective at removing stubborn, hard skin from the soles of my feet but it is actually really fun!!

When I say ‘fun’ it is actually that vile, gruesome, gross kind of fun that not everyone appreciates, but for me personally this is easily as good as Eastenders!
I am one of those people that completely forgets about my feet and then I am utterly horrified once summer comes. And I am not alone!
Apparently 1 in 3 women forget about their feet entirely until it’s time to get them out according to a new survey from Emjoi MICROPedi. And a quarter of women think about their feet less than any other part of their bikini body and I have to say, on the days when the sun has been out, I have seen quite a few examples of poor neglected feet being in showcased in a summer sandal. It isn’t pretty!
The MICROPedi is a hand-held pedicure device that leaves your feet softer and smoother after the first use. I used it wherever the skin was hard and it just buffed away the dryness painlessly.
This is the gross bit: you will need to make sure you do it over something to catch the …erm… let’s call it dust… otherwise you will end up with a rather unsavoury mess. Yuck!!
It basically works by using a unique roller with a coarse surface that spins at 360º, 30 times a second. This literally and effortlessly removes the dead, hard, jagged skin on your soles and heels. It is quite amazing!
I think with a few more uses I’ll have my feet looking better than they have in a long time. After one use, I am half way there already! And I shall definitely be taking it on holiday with me, to keep my feet looking perfect!
The MICROPedi costs £39.95 – buy it at Boots.com. I wouldn’t be without mine. If you have one and need refills, buy them here


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6 thoughts on “MICROPedi from Emjoi Review

  1. Yep I’m also one of those women who forget about her feet. I’ve had cheaper versions of this before but found the motor just not powerful enough to keep turning when I touched it against my foot so this sounds better. Tempted.

  2. This is timely..I was just thinking how I need to sort my heels out, was having a massage on saturday and all I could think of was the dry skin that the poor beauty therapist was probably looking at! Scarlet. I’ll def give this ago, was going to get that pedi egg thing but it actually really creeps me out. Great nail colour too! x

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