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Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist Review

16 Jul 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Melvita is one of my favourite natural beauty brands and and I have been really loving the brand new Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist. Love Melivta, love a spray…It was always going to be good!

Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist Review
Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist Review

Melvita are positioning this as a ‘new generation’ 3 in 1 facial spray that will moisturise, comfort and protect the skin. I am already in love with the Melvita Floral Waters and this one is like a more high-tech version of those. It contains Damask Rose Water which is famed for its hydrating properties, plus Wild Rose Fruit extract which is rich in antioxidants.

Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist Benefits:

It’s a multi-purpose mist and can be used to refresh the skin as the atomised delivery system produces a super fine and cooling mist that is just perfect for a hot day. As you spray it, the potency of the ingredients is immediately evident with the beautiful rose aroma. Be careful not to breathe in too deeply though, as it may make you cough!

The Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist is distilled in such a way that the potency of the ingredients remains extremely high which make it able to hydrate the skin effectively. As some spray evaporate, the skin is left feeling tight but this is not a problem here. I like to use it after cleansing and before serum for a real moisture boost. It is also incredible lightly misted over my finished makeup to give a soft dewy finish and also set everything in place. I love its antioxidant protection as I need as much help as I can get when it comes to fighting free radicals!

And if you pop it into your handbag on a hot day your skin will really thank you. It is an instant shot of freshness! I am definitely taking this in my carry-on the next time I travel long-haul which is soon.

Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist is available in stores (John Lewis) from 21st July 2014 for £10. It is currently previewing at Feel Unique for the reduced price of £7 – which is an excellent opportunity to give it a whirl. It’s good value I think. The one thing I will say though is if you get a bit addicted like me, you may get through a can pretty fast!



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2 thoughts on “Melvita Organic Rose Beauty Mist Review

  1. I’ve recently added a beauty mist into my everyday routine – Caudalie beauty elixir – to begin I wasn’t convinced this sort of thing does much for my skin but I really find using a spritz very refreshing and my skin has improved no end (in conjunction with using a cleansing brush) in the last few months. £7 for a beauty mist is a good price so I might have to make this purchase! Knowing me I will probably mistake it for a deodorant though when half asleep in the morning and have refined and hydrated armpits!!Xx

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