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Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub

13 May 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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This is one of the yummiest, gentlest, most nourishing yet super effective body scrubs I have used. It is absolutely lovely!

Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub
Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub

There are lots of reasons I love this scrub.

The first thing you notice about it is that it smells totally delicious. Responsible for this are its super yummy ingredients which include sugar cane, orange peel and apricot. Imagine the sweet zestiness! The  ‘spot on’ balance of sweet and citrus makes it so refreshing!
Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub
Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub
The texture is perfect to do the job in hand well. The exfolitating ‘bits’ (technical eh?!) are big enough to tackle the dead skin and smooth enough not to scratch the new skin. The jelly base is lovely and sticky which means a blast from the shower isn’t going to wash it away before you have properly got to work with massaging it into the skin.
The best thing about it is that it is really very gentle, does not irritate my skin in the slightest and is very moisturising too. It is so gentle in fact that I have used immediately after hair removal (tested with shaving, home waxing and hair removal cream!!) and I have had no reaction. Excellent for a girl that’s always in a rush and can’t wait to get everything done. I have even gone in with fake tan straight after as it leaves skin super smooth and ready for tan.
A perfect scrub in every way – it is £16 for 200ml, check out Melivta online here. Oh and just so you know, Melvita’s entire range if certified organic.
Have you tried any Melvita yet?
PR sample.

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8 thoughts on “Melvita Extra Gentle Body Scrub

    1. Hi Nina

      That’s because I always tell my readers about the things I love.
      I test out tonnes of products that I don’t recommend and don’t make it on to the blog.


  1. Why would you want to try something based on a negative review? I’d rather somebody tried a product and raved about it, I’m more inclined to try it/buy it.

  2. I have had similar comments! Although if you filled your blog full of negative posts people would complain too!! My opinion is you blog is amazing, I think this is reflected in the amount of followers you have 🙂

  3. I understand now what you mean about only blogging about the products you end up liking.

    What I had meant is that usually unless you absolutely adore something there are pros and cons to things.

    Its good to be aware of a persons cons on an items because actually for another person that might be a really good thing for them, something they’ve been looking for e.g. if someone found am exfoliater that has no bits and feels like its doing hardly anything- that might he a fail for the blogger, but a reader might thing yes that seems really gentle I want to try that etc

    I wasn’t suggesting that Ree should totally slag off the things she reviews or have a blog that sounds like its from the great depression. I like this blog, you include a lot of comparison pics which are really useful.

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