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Meeting the Spice Girls and Finding God!

9 Feb 2013 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Well you wouldn’t think that meeting the Spice Girls and finding God would necessarily go hand in hand, well to be fair, they really do not, so the title of this blog post is going to take a bit of explaining.
Meeting the Spice Girls
I should probably start at the beginning. While I was at boot camp in early January I received an email with this invitation attached.
Say you’ll be there? Well I love anything to do with the Spice Girls, I love Jennifer Saunders and what could be more appealing than a Viva Forever cocktail party? I said I’d be there with bells on! I didn’t even give a thought to who the special guests might be.
Then I forgot about it because I was at boot camp, where it definitely pays to take each day, even each hour, as it comes. Thinking too far ahead at boot camp could lead to Tears for Fears, not the Spice Girls. Anyway…
The event was in my diary and the day before I received this message by email:
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the launch of VIVA FOREVER! cocktails at Fifth Floor Bar, Harvey Nichols with Jennifer Saunders and Judy Craymer, the show’s writer and producer.
We are delighted to have some of the VIVA FOREVER! cast members including Sally Anne Triplett (who plays Lauren, Viva’s mother), Sally Dexter (who plays Simone, Viva’s mentor and judge of Starmaker), Hannah John-Kamen (Viva), Siobhan Athwal (Luce, Viva’s best friend), Hatty Preston (Minty, the production assistant on Starmaker), Lucy Montgomery (Suzy, best friend of Viva’s mother), Lucy Phelps (Diamond, Viva’s band member) and Simon Adkins (Leon, Starmaker stylist) join us for the launch alongside some special guests.
Still the mention of special guests went completely over my head. I was all about Jennifer Saunders and a Spice Girl cocktail. So Tuesday came and off I popped to Harvey Nichs for some afternoon fun – I do love the 5th Floor bar.
When I arrived I was warmly greeted by the hosts and took the opportunity to find out a little more about what it was all about. I was already sipping on a Posh Spice, and I had seen the lovely Spice inspired tea and was told we had Jennifer Saunders, Judy Cramer and the Viva Forever cast here already.
She then said, “four of the girls will be arriving shortly”.
And I said, “four of which girls?”
And she said, “the Spice Girls”.
Everything is a bit of a blur after that in all honesty. I kind of stopped being able to have normal conversation while my brain tried to process the fact that the Spice Girls were on their way to the same place that I was. I just kind of stood and stared.
Meeting the Spice Girls
I did a lot of staring until I suddenly laid eyes on Mel C walking through the entrance, followed by Geri, Mel B and Baby, I mean Emma. I squealed “they’re here” started frantically taking pictures on my iPad and simultaneously welling up! Now I wasn’t expecting that! I got a lump in my throat and my eyes started to fill with tears. Oh. My. God. I REALLY was not expecting that, but then I wasn’t expecting the flipping Spice Girls either.
I seriously had to get a grip. I’m an adult, I’m a mum…..oh my god I’m a bloody hysterical Spice Girls groupie! Somebody help me. I had to give myself an imaginary slap around the face. Which actually worked. I’ll remember that in case I am ever horribly emotionally inappropriate again in the future.
Meeting the Spice Girls
So I basically continued to take a gazillion photos (above is where Geri spilt a cocktail) whilst I stared in disbelief at what I was seeing. I witnessed four of the Spice Girls order themelves into skirt, trousers, skirt, trousers order and I actually have a video of that which is really rather amusing. I should probably put it on YouTube.
Meeting the Spice Girls
Meeting the Spice Girls
After having their pics with their cocktails, then Jennifer Saunders, then Judy Craymer, then the cast of Viva Forever, the girls (the spice ones) sat down at a table with their cocktails for interviews. I continued to take photos of them and I think they noticed. My massive iPad isn’t exactly subtle.
Meeting the Spice Girls
Then I dragged myself to a seat and stared into space for a bit. I always act cool. Yep.
Then suddenly there was an opportunity for photos with them. Oh my goodness a photo with the Spice Girls. I could pretend to be Posh!
The pictures were happening around the little table where they sipping their cocktails, which made for a rather interesting dynamic for sitting with them to get said photo.
Emma shuffled up and then patted the empty space next to her and then I had to shimmy over Geri and Scary (oopsy I briefly sat on Scary’s lap…awks) and then plomped into the gap.  Here is a quick summary of the things I said to them – prepare yourselves:
  • I really love you
  • You are all so beautiful
  • I am the same age as you
  • I have grown up with you
  • I am so happy for you
…and other similarly mortifying things for a grown woman to say.
They were all really lovely and were so sweet when I said  that I should pull myself together and stop acting like a little girl. Geri said “so you are fangirling?” and Mel B said “eugh that sounds like sommat else..fanny!”. That is one moment I remember quite vividly, as you can imagine!
Meeting the Spice Girls
And this is the part where I found god. I had been reading the day before that poor Emma had lost her dog (as you may or may not know, this particular story gets sadder), and so I suddenly found myself asking her whether she had found her dog yet.
Emma looked so sad when she said that the dog was still missing and I felt a huge surge sympathy for her. I told her to keep asking twitter because it is so powerful and then I said…. I WILL PRAY FOR YOUR DOG.
I honestly really meant it at the time. But the thing is, I don’t actually believe in  god, well certainly not in the praying way. God and I really don’t have that kind of relationship. Instantly I was wondering where on earth that little gem came from… I will pray for your dog?!
But Emma seemed so pleased and comforted by my bizarre offer of prayer that it kind of seemed ok. Who said that meeting the Spice Girls would be normal anyway?
When my time was up I thanked them and they were so lovely and waved and I shimmied back over Mel B and Geri saying “thank you bye thank you bye”. And that was it!
I just had to leave after that, even though the Spice Girls were still in the room. I am not sure why but I just had to get out of there! I think maybe it was the fear that I could end up on the floor clinging to their ankles, asking if we could be best friends forever! Let’s call it survival instinct or at least an attempt at dignity preservation/damage control!
As I was on the downward escalator at Knightsbridge I suddenly remembered the prayer I promised. And I must confess, I had a moment. One of those, “Listen God, I know we never speak but would you mind doing me a big favour…..” kind of things. Sadly that didn’t work out but I won’t dwell on that as it really isn’t my place. I do feel terribly sad for Emma and her family.
I have to say, I don’t think I have quite got my head around meeting the Spice Girls. It was so absolutely unexpected and amazing. There’s a little part of me that wishes that Victoria had been there and another part that wishes I had known they would be there beforehand – so that I could have prepared and possibly requested a short interview slot. But I decided to just leave it there, as the bizarrely unexpected perfect moment that it was.
I feel really very lucky. It is not everyday, or ever at all, you get to have a cosy chat with pop stars you have followed and found fun with for the majority of your adult life. Thank you world.

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11 thoughts on “Meeting the Spice Girls and Finding God!

  1. Great post! You may not have noticed, but Mel B and Geri were playing with your hair and admiring it’s glossiness! I saw them so that, haha.
    It was great to meet you! 🙂

  2. Ree I’m sure we all would have been as gaga and giddy as you were. What an amazing experience. So pleased you had such an amazing time. Thanks for sharing. M xox

  3. I’m your age, the same age as them too! You’re so funny, but I know I’d have been even worse. What an amazing day for you, so lovely to hear about it! Thank you 🙂

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