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Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Review

23 Feb 2015 (Updated: 1 Mar 2015)

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I am a bit funny with primers. I love the idea of them but very often, I completely fail to get them on my face. It just rarely happens. However, when I was in New York last, I picked up the Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate, because it just called out to me, and I have been using it rather a lot!

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Review

Now there are lots of reasons that I really like this. For a start, blur and illumination really do appeal to me. I want to blur my lines and my pores and I want my skin to glow. This offers both those things. Also, I want to protect my skin from UV and this has SPF30. I was sold.

I think what I often struggle with is the feel of primers on my skin, but Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate is super light, feels really hydrating and doesn’t have that overly silicone feel that many blur products have. It does contain silicone but just doesn’t really feel like it.

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Features

  • Ultra-blurring spheres
  • Weightless water based formula
  • Soft pearly pink finish to brighten
  • Visibly blurs tone imperfections and smooths skin surface
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Can be worn alone or under makeup
  • SPF30

The whole idea is that you get a more flawless look, but the skin feels fresh and light, and I have to say, I really think they deliver on this. It feels like a light moisturiser, it absorbs easily and enables the smooth application of my foundation.

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Swatch

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Swatch

It blends in really easily and leave a soft highlighted effect on the skin, but nothing too shiny.

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Before & After


Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate – Before Photo


Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate – After Photo

This is definitely more illuminating than it is blurring. I love the glow it gives my skin but I also think it does give a kind of soft focus effect for lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t really do anything for my pores, but then Maybelline doesn’t mention pores at all with this product. I was just hoping. Luckily, foundation tends to look after those quite well anyway.

I am really enjoying using Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate and it’s a keeper which is rare for me with primers. Unfortunately it isn’t available in the UK and I don’t know if there are plans to introduce it here either. Also I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I do know I bought it at Duane Reade if any US readers are looking to track it down.



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One thought on “Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Review

  1. I’ve been using a primer for months now and it was only the other day when I couldn’t be bothered to apply primer that I realised how much of a difference primer makes to your makeup routine. I use W7 primer and for a cheap primer I love it but I will definitely have to try this one.

    check out my blog and be sure to comment and follow and I’ll be sure to check you out x

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