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Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario Swatches

17 Oct 2016 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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The hype leading up to the Master Palette by Mario‘s launch was slightly insane. You couldn’t move for a swatch on Instagram or a review on YouTube. Like the complete makeup junkie that I am, I couldn’t resist picking it up. I was really lucky, I managed to order it the day it came out, so I’ve had a really good week to get to grips with it and to create some Master Palette By Mario Swatches.

Master Palette By Mario Swatches
Master Palette By Mario

I am very fond of the Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows, I have a few singles and the Modern Renaissance Palette (another super hyped product) and so I felt that with the online swatch research and my previous experience my money (and hopes) were in safe hands with Mario Dedivanovic.

I feel like Mario Dedivanovic needs no introduction, but for those of you who are unaware, he is a completely brilliant make-up artist, with one of his most famed clients being Kim Kardashian (you may have heard of her!). He is known for the infamous Kardashian contouring, but his other editorial work is outstanding, effortless, grungy chic, and this palette really embodies that.

Master Palette By Mario Shades

The palette contains 12 shadows, 3 mattes and 9 shimmer shadows

  • Hollywood – a golden shade with a heavy yellow undertone
  • NYC – a rich brown with a golden shimmer
  • Kim – a burnt orange / copper shimmer
  • Muse – a beautiful rose gold
  • Marina – a true champagne
  • Claudia – a blue/grey shimmer colour
  • Lula – a neutral taupe
  • Isabel – I like to think this is the matter version of Kim, a burnt orange
  • Violeta – a deep matte brown
  • 5th Ave – a mix of Hollywood and Marina, but with a strong yellow undertone
  • Bronx – a deep olive green with gold reflects
  • Paris – a soft brown with gold reflects

Aside from the mattes, the finishes on the remaining 9 vary from a satin (NYC and Olive), to metallic (Marina and Paris). The only troublesome shade was Hollywood, it isn’t highly pigmented and it’s a little chunky to be a shimmer so for me this is a bit of a dud in the palette, but overall the others perform incredibly well and are a dream to use.

 Master Palette By Mario Swatches

Master Palette By Mario Swatches
Master Palette By Mario Swatches

(L-R) Hollywood, NYC, Kim, Muse, Marina, Claudia, Lula, Isabel, Violeta, 5th Ave, Bronx, Paris

So is the Master Palette By Mario worth the hype?

It’s a heavy like from me! Do I think it’s the best palette ever and it’s unique or original? No. But for the day to day make up gal, this is a great go-to. Personally, it makes more sense to have a palette you reach for on the daily than something that you get out once in a while, have a little swatch and then put it back to collect more dust (the reds and oranges from the Modern Renaissance palette still scare me a little).

The Master Palette does follows the style of other ABH shadows and the Modern Renaissance as the formula is super pigmented and blends effortlessly. The colours are beautiful, wearable, and would suit a wide range of eye colours and skin tones. Best of all, it’s very in keeping with this time of year so I can see me reaching for it a lot over the festive season. Whilst personally I don’t venture out of my comfort zone I can certainly see the potential to create some really bold and unusual looks.

Plus, the brush isn’t half bad either, and when does that EVER happen?

The bad news for UK readers is that this palette won’t be sold in the UK. The good news is that you can buy it from the US with shipping to the UK HERE.


Tazitea x

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2 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario Swatches

  1. I returned mine untouched. The promo pictures look more neutral than it is in actuality. It’s quite warm toned and I hemmed and hawed about whether I wanted to keep it. The indecision made me realize it wasn’t a love for me, so I thought it should find a home with someone else who’d love it.

    1. Hi Lea,

      I can only assume it is being loved by someone else… you are right though, some of the shades are not as they are in the Promo pics xx

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