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Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish And Manicure Kit Review

19 Aug 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Margaret Dabbs London stands for expert, innovative luxury for fabulous hands and feet. Founded by foot expert Margaret Dabbs, Margaret Dabbs London is embraced by the medical, beauty and fashion industry alike and specialises in results driven hand and foot care products, instruments and treatments that celebrate quality and luxury. “


Being an avid QVC watcher, yes it’s my guilty pleasure, I’ve seen Margaret Dabbs before and her famous foot hygiene cream, which I’m yet to try but is on my wish list. Margaret Dabbs has recently branched into treatment enriched polish too.

Margaret has said that each Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish;

  • Promotes nail health and vitality
  • Contains Vitamin E – which works to strengthen and protect the nail
  • Long lasting scent of Wild Rose on the nails
  • Contains Wild Rose extract – reduces inflammation and keeps away infection
  • Is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DPB

I was fortunate to be able to select 5 polishes to swatch and try. The formula on all is the same in terms of ease of application, pigmentation and dry time, with one exception which is listed below. All were opaque enough to get away with one coat if in a hurry. All swatches are without base or top coat and photos were taken with flash- blame our typical English Summer for lack of natural light on the day I was shooting!

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish –  Larkspur

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Larkspur
Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Larkspur Swatch

Larkspur is a blue toned Lilac. Crème with full opacity in one coat, ideal for spring but can be worn all year round.


Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish – Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a shimmery pink. This one can show brush strokes so needed the most careful application of the five.

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish
Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish – Hibiscus Swatch

This is typical of all frosted shimmers regardless of brand in my experience, and I have over 500+ polishes to compare to.

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish –  Bluebell


Bluebell is not quite a periwinkle but not quite a cerulean blue. It’s a very wearable every day blue and ideal for spring and summer.

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish
Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish – Bluebell Swatch

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish –  Spearmint


Spearmint requires no real explanation. It’s a true spearmint green and looks amazing in the sun. perfect for holidays or days on the beach.

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Spearmint Swatch

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish – Tiger Lily


Tiger Lily was one I picked just to ensure a variety of colours but I ended up liking it the most. A great vibrant bright almost neon orange. More sophisticated on the nails than I expected, I’ve been rocking this on my toes.

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish
Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish – Tiger Lily Swatch

All polishes with the exception of Hibiscus were fluid and smooth on application. My only slight disadvantage to the range is that the brush heads were a little wild and splayed. I didn’t have any problems as I’m quite experienced at polish application but for those who aren’t or have smaller nails it’s worth taking your time. The effort is worth it as the results are lovely.  

Find the full range of Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Here  

Margaret Dabbs Manicure & Pedicure Set

set case
Margaret Dabbs Manicure & Pedicure Set

If your hands and feet need a little preparation before you can take them out in public or apply polish the beautiful, leather bound Margaret Dabbs manicure and pedicure set is ideal for getting your hands and feet into good shape.


This is a set of high quality, premium nail tools. Contents include:

  • 1x Professional Foot File– this is a travel size of the best selling foot file. This file works on dry skin by removing hard patches and build up. It’s quite satisfying watching the amount that can be filed off, especially if you don’t think you have that much dry skin.
  • 1x Crystal Nail File– A few years back I qualified in the application of Gel Polish and the lecturer, who was a top celebrity manicurist, advocated the use of crystal files and I’ve used one ever since. The advantage of a crystal file is that you can use a “sawing” motion and it won’t damage the nails. It can actually promote healthy nail growth by sealing the edges.
  • 1x Super Shiner Buffer– perfect for polish free days to achieve a healthy natural shine.
  • 1x Professional Cuticle Pusher– this has two ends, one to push back the cuticle and a smaller end to clear away excess cuticle. Be careful the smaller end is actually quite sharp!
  • 1x Professional Nail Scissors– I usually file or clip my nails so it was quite different using the scissors. The curve made it easier to follow the contour of the nails.
  • 1x Professional Curved Toe Nail Clipper– a large version of the above for thicker toe nails.

This is a great quality kit to keep nails in tip-top shape ready for polish application or would make a beautiful gift for someone special. You can find it to order online here

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