Makeup Forever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
By Ree

Makeup Forever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

3 May 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Oh yes!! A brand new and very exciting foundation from Makeup Forever! The Makeup Forever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation is set to launch this summer, here’s what you need to know. Update – now available in the UK HERE.


makeup forever water blend
Makeup Forever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Makeup Forever Water Blend is the new and improved version of the brand’s iconic Face & Body foundation and it promises to be easier to apply, more water-resistant and non-transferable.

Makeup Forever Water Blend Features

  • Boosts the performance of Face & Body in a water blend
  • Hydrating formulation
  • Waterproof
  • Transfer resistant
  • Special coating on micro-pigments in gel-water formulation
  • Long lasting hold
  • Sheer satiny coverage
  • Fluid and stretchable
  • Bare skin sensation
  • 80% Vitamin-enriched water
  • Enriched with pro-vitamin B5
  • 20 shades

Water Blend Shades

makeup forever water blend
Water Blend Shades

The idea behind Water Blend is that it provides a hydrating, vitamin enriched, water drenched gel formula that transforms into a liquid upon application as it melts into the skin. It promises to be very supple and easy to work with. I need it!

I am already a fan of the existing face and body foundation product from MUFE and this sounds like it’s an amped up, super-powered version that lasts longer and gives the skin more goodness.

Makeup Forever Water Blend Face & Body foundation is £29 and will be exclusively available to order online HERE (UK) from July 2016. US readers will be able to purchase it HERE.


UPDATE (17th July) – now available in the UK HERE.



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16 thoughts on “Makeup Forever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

  1. I purchased the new water blend and a makeup show. Its amazing. It can even be used in a airbrush. Looks like perfect skin not makeup

    1. Where did you find this new Makeup Forever water blend foundation? It’s not on the Sephora Website? I’m dying to try it!!

  2. Ok it’s already July 2nd and I called Sephora and they don’t seem to know when they’re going to have this. Does anybody know the exact date of the launch?

      1. Hi! I called Sephora again in San Francisco (415) 362-9360 and she verified with her manager that they will not have the item out until August. All of their samples are gone, half of it probably went to their friends and family. Anyway, Ree, I love your blog and you’re one of the lucky ones to try to this new formula.

  3. It says in this article to click this link to purchase the new water blend foundation but it’s not there and for that matter nobody has it available or for sale! Why do they claim something will be available for purchase by (July1,2016 in this case for this product)but when you go to buy it nobody has it available for purchase? I’ve spent the last 2 days looking for this foundation but no one has it, finally I saw this website and I saw where it says to click on the link to exclusively purchase and that too doesn’t have it!! What the heck!?!? This is rediculous to be honest! I just don’t understand, why say and even claim something to the public but yet it’s false info. Clearly states the 1st of July it will be available. We are in fact on day 3 now since it’s 1am and it’s no where to be found/available! Why even bother… I’m sorry, I’m quite irritated at this point now. Spending 3 days now trying to find something that’s been brought to the publics attention and yet, it’s not available. Send people all over the place looking for something that’s not even out yet! I just don’t understand how some people already have it. I’m guessing their bottles were sent to them or something. If anyone knows where I can get this please let me know
    Thank u!

    1. The information from the brand was that it’s a July launch. I can’t see that I have said 1st July anywhere. Please tell me if I have? I was sent this as a PR sample and that’s the information I have – it’s rather unfair that you are claiming false information. It will launch this month, at the retailers I have linked to, and that’s all the information I have.

      It’s nice that you are so keen to get it but I guess you will have to be patient. Good luck!

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