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Glov – Time To Ditch The Makeup Remover?

22 Jun 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I’ve said before how much I love a good cleanse and I double cleanse every night. Well technically that’s not true. My name is Stacey and occasionally I use a make up removing wipe! I know, I know I should hang my head in shame, especially on a beauty site! But if we’re honest, we’ve all done it.

Make up wipes have come a long way and if there’s no other option then they can do a reasonable job. I often house-sit for my best friend Jemma or Michelle. When I stay at Michelle’s I have no problem helping myself to her skincare! sshh don’t tell her!  Jemma has very hormonal skin though and can only use certain products which aggravate my sensitive skin.

I needed a handy travel solution that wasn’t a wipe, and when I heard of make up removing cloths that only used water I was very intrigued. Glov was not a brand I’ve heard of before – but they kindly sent me a full size and cute mini to try I couldn’t wait to put them to the test.

Glov On The Go

Glov On The Go

I was sent the Glov On-The-Go and the Quick Treat Unicorn edition. The On-The-Go came in a cardboard sleeve with instructions on how to use. To be honest it’s so easy, you literally wet the glove and wipe it over your face. It’s a lazy girl’s delight! The On-The-Go is designed for normal skin but there are many different options for different skin types. I didn’t have any problems with my sensitive/combo skin.

Having eagerly removed the Glov from it’s packaging, I was relieved to see it was grey as white is not practical for me. I had my full work make up on which pretty much is a full on make up look with a few layers of skin products alone. I wet the Glov in warm water as directed and started wiping my eyes and to my amazement the make up was actually coming off.

L-R Quick Treat and On-The-Go

I kept rinsing and wiping and my make up appeared completely gone. I was slightly apprehensive to go around my nose piercing as it’s less than 2 months old but I switched to the Quick Treat and found it didn’t snag at all. Afterwards I applied some micellar water to a cotton pad to see what was left. It was pleasantly surprising to see it barely picked up any residual make up.

Glov Quick Treat

The Quick Treat is designed to help fix little make up mishaps but as I do my base first I use it to get around my piercings or to remove my eye make up.

I do still love a double cleanse! However, Glov has found a place in my toiletry bag for those on the go moments. And as it’s machine washable I just chuck it in every few days to reduce bacterial growth. After a month of use it’s still working well. I don’t understand how this magic little Glov does what it does but when it works this well I shall put it down to magic. Find Glov products here.

Have you tried a make up removing glove? If so are they a staple in your bag?


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