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Macmillan Charity Wipes

26 Jul 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Macmillan Charity Wipes
Macmillan Charity Wipes
Simple is continuing its partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support for the third year running, with the Limited Edition Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes return exclusively to Boots UK stores until mid August 2012.
I love a cleansing wipe to remove my makeup before I properly cleanse and the Simple ones are among my favourites.

When you buy a pack for £2.99, 10 pence will be donated to help sponsor a Macmillan Nurse Specialist for a year. Last year, Simple raised £100,000 for Macmillan to help reach even more people affected by cancer, and hopes to raise a further £50,000 with these limited edition wipes at Boots.
Carla Morini, Corporate Partnership Account Development Manager at Macmillan said: “Our partnership with Simple has been growing since 2010 and we are truly grateful for their friendship. We cannot achieve our ambition to reach everyone living with cancer on our own and all the money raised through the promotion will help the Macmillan team support people affected by cancer every step of the way. 10p from each pack sold will help to raise £100,000 for us to fund a Macmillan Nurse Specialist who can directly make a difference to people.’

The Limited Edition Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes will be available exclusively to Boots UK stores until mid August 2012 for £2.99.


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One thought on “Macmillan Charity Wipes

  1. I like simple wipes. They do a good job & are gentle too. I shall be purchasing a few of these special charity packs when i see them. I like it when beauty products donate some of their profits to charity.

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