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L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Tanning Elixir

1 Feb 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I have been absolutely desperate to hear news on this new self tanning product from L’Oreal Paris, Sublime Bronze Intense Tanning Elixir, ever since I heard whispers about it at the beginning of January. I’ve been watching and waiting and it has suddenly popped up on the Boots and Superdrug websites. Exciting!!
L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Tanning Elixir

I am a big fan of the L’Oreal Sublime range –  particularly the self tanning mousse – and I think that they are potentially the best on the high street. This new product takes tanning to another level.
L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Elixir offers an intense, luxurious, yet natural looking tan that should last up to 2 weeks with no self-tan smell. I haven’t tried it yet, but for £15.99 I am definitely going to!! It promises to be suitable for all skin types and will deliver a streak-free tan with even fade. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?
I use fake tan all year round, so if this delivers on its claims, my life could become a whole lot less high maintenance!
Now I think that L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Tanning Elixir is set to launch in March 2014, however, it is already showing up on the regular webistes. Find it at Boots HERE and Superdrug HERE. I am not sure that stock is actually available though so keep checking the links!

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7 thoughts on “L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Tanning Elixir

  1. I’ve been using this for a couple of days and it’s great. Really natural non-streaky tan. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it doesn’t have fake tan smell, but it doesn’t linger. After I showered the next day it was gone. Highly recommended x

  2. I used this yesterday and it’s absolutely awful! The worst fake tan I have ever used, and I’ve used a lot! It’s bright orange and doesn’t look natural at all!

    I can’t wait to get home so I can scrub it all off!

    1. Definitely use it at the weekend, so you have time to scrub it off if you don’t like it!

      Everyone at work has been asking where I got my tan… I look like an Oompa Loompa!!

  3. I’ve been using this product for two days and it is fab. It goes on quickly, no sticky residue. It smells like citrus, so very vibrant and fresh. … and drum roll please… After 2 us my pale body is looking beautifully tanned! I would recommend it to everyone!! Gorgeous product!

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