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Lime Crime Velveteen Pink Velvet Review, Swatch

4 Feb 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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If you like liquid lipsticks with a matte finish then you are going to adore this one from Lime Crime because it is absolutely incredible in every way! Big statement I know, but very well deserved. Here’s why!
Lime Crime Velveteen Pink Velvet Review
This goes on like a dream with full, supple coverage in 2 swipes (top and bottom), it lasts and lasts and lasts (through lunch, drinks, snacks, pizza…) and doesn’t peel, flake or congeal if you decided to top it up. 
I have loved some matte liquid lipsticks in my time…

But they have always had one thing that just wasn’t quite right. If you over-applied, they cracked, they wear off in the middle but a second coat makes everything go wrong, they make your lips feel a tad dry? There’s none of that jazz with Lime Crime Velveteen.

Lime Crime Velveteen Pink Velvet Review

I think this is a true 10 out of 10 lip product.  The coverage is so light in feel yet so intense in appearance. I actually forgot I had it on, drank and ate loads (hence the list above) and when I went to check my makeup, it was still there looking perfect!

Lime Crime Velveteen Pink Velvet Review – Swatch
Lime Crime Velveteen Pink Velvet Review – Swatch
When it does fade, it’s very even and you can simply apply another light coat to increase the intensity without it going all yucky. The coverage still feels light and silky and the finish, as the name would suggest, is like a super soft velvet. 
I popped the tiniest bit of balm on first, because my lips are a tad dry, and Pink Velvet felt and looked amazing. LOVE!
I thoroughly recommend Lime Crime Velveteen and for £13.50, I think it’s a bit of a steal. You can find it at Love Makeup. There are 2 other shades that I desperately want to try, Red Velvet and Suedeberry.
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