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Lava Shells Massage Review

24 Mar 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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When I was at boot camp earlier in the year, I had the heavenly delight and privilege to been treated to the most wonderful Lava Shells massage. It was without doubt, the best massage I have ever had.
Lava Shells Massage Review
I am ridiculously tense and tight under normal circumstances, so under boot camp stress it was even worse, but the Lava Shell treatment was hugely effectively at relaxing my muscles and easing the tension and pain. It was magic! The long and the short of it is… I fell asleep. That never happens to me!
The heat you get from the Lava Shells during the massage is amazing – so soothing and my muscles felt like they instantly relaxed.  It is such a brilliant massage method because the therapist can use the flats of the shells to smooth and soothe and the edge of the shells are absolutely amazing to really get into those stiff muscles in the most effective way. Combined with the heat, it feels incredible.
Lava Shells Massage Review
If you like hot stone massage then you will love this. There are quite a few reasons why Lava Shells are so much better than hot stones:
  • Lava shells are 10 – 12 times hotter than a hot stones due to the continual heat of the exothermic reaction
  • You get a seamless massage because the heat is continual 
  • More hygienic than hot stones – as stones are porous and absorb bacteria, the shells are not porous.
  • Eco friendly from start to finish – all ingredients are 100% natural and the shells are recycled promoting local commerce in the Philippines.
And talking of the Phillippines, Shared Beauty Secrets, the owners of Lava Shells are working towards donating their profits to building an orphanage to give back to the place the shells come from. They are a pretty special company.
I cannot recommend a Lava Shells massage enough. To find out where you can get one, go to

If you try one, you have to let me know!


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3 thoughts on “Lava Shells Massage Review

  1. I had a hot stone massage once but to be honest I much preferred a regular massage with hands. I do prefer quite a deep tissue massage though & hot stones seemed a bit light strokes in comparison.

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