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Laura Mercier at Selfridges & Meeting Laura

21 Sep 2014 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Well!! What an absolute delight it was to meet the actual Laura Mercier at Selfridges this week! Especially because she is a really beautiful woman inside and out – so generous with her time, advice and knowledge. Laura was there to cut the ribbon on the beautiful new Laura Mercier counter at Selfridges.

Laura Mercier at Selfridges

It was so wonderful to see all the counter staff so thrilled and excited to be in the presence of the namesake and founder of the brand they clearly loved so much. And the new counter itself is absolutely stunning.

Laura Mercier at Selfridges – The Space

Laura Mercier at Selfridges
Laura Mercier at Selfridges

After the counter was officially open, myself and a few other beauty bloggers went up to Selfridges’ Corner Restaurant to have breakfast with Laura Mercier (the woman!). Amazing!  I ended up sitting right next to her and was immediately worried that I’d get starstruck or say something stupid. Luckily Laura is so charming and disarming, that any anxiety slipped away very very quickly.

Laura Mercier at Selfridges & Meeting Laura

She has had the most incredible career and worked with pretty much every A list star you could possibly think of! She was Madonna’s makeup artist for 8 solid years. I bet that was very interesting! In fact she had so many interesting things to say about life as a celebrity makeup artist back in the day.

She described it as not actually being there. There was the star, there was the set, there were the deadlines and the shooting schedule and then there was the job she had to do – but there was no ‘her’. It was quite incredible to listen to.

She told us about a time when she had a big asthma attack in New York and took herself to the hospital, and all she cared about was being able to get to work in a few hours to do Madonna’s makeup. She didn’t care about her health for her own sake, but because failing to turn up for work was not an option.

Incredible to think that, in her own mind, she wasn’t actually Laura then but now she has an eponymous brand that is hugely successful with a number of iconic products. Incredibly inspiring. I could go on and on, but it would end up being a very long post!

She also told us about the new foundation, Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide and the brand new ‘In to the Wild’ Look Book which launches next month. More on both of those on posts coming soon.

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