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Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser & Hydra Glow Review

21 Dec 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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New for February 2015 are two primers from Lancome – one for pores and one for glow. I am obsessed with both those beauty topics! Here’s the lowdown on Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser & Hydra Glow.

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser & Hydra Glow Review

I am kind of on and off with primers and basically more often than not I go straight in with my foundation after I have moisturised. However, when I am really wanting to go to town to achieve complexion perfection, I always find that it really pays to put in a bit of prep. Primers are amazing for blurring any imperfections, making your makeup last longer, or adding some glow (yes yes yes!) if you need it.

So Lancome have been doing primers since 2009 when they first launched La Base Pro and the first formulation contained antioxidants and active inredients for anti-ageing and protection against environmental aggressors. They introduced the Lancome Elasto-Smooth technology which works to refine the texture of the skin and also diffuse light to improve the overall look of the complexion.

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser Review

A new twist on the original, this primer is all about something all of us seem to worry about – visible pores. I am obsessed with mine, probably because I do have rather enlarged pores, but I know girls who are practically pore-less (if that was possible) and they are even paranoid about them. I used to worry about fine lines but I moved on. It’s all about pores and even skin tone for me!

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser Review

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser is a super fine balm that disguises the appearance of pores by optically blurring them out. It is extremely light in texture, so once applied, you kind of forget you’re wearing it. It has a slightly silicone-y feel as you apply it, but it very quickly settles in to the skin. It has an instant visible effect and the pore situation is much improved.

Here it is applied to one side of my face. The treated side is on the left of the photo:

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser Review – Applied to left side of photo

It contains oil-controlling ingredients and also has a high water content which helps to maintain hydration in the skin’s surface.

Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow

Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow Review

This is a beautifully light cream-gel which feels incredibly comfortble and nourishing on the skin, I really enjoy applying this. It contains a complex of rose, apricot kernel and musk rose oils, alongside beeswax and Shea Butter, so there’s lots of skincare going on. It also contains white pearl pigments to boost the skins natural luminosity and create a soft focus effect.

Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow Review

I really love Hydra Glow and have been applying it all over my face and then just using Pore Eraser in the T-zone. The combination works really well.

Top Tips! After makeup, Pore Eraser can be patted over any areas of shine to mattify to blur pores, and Hydra Glow is very pretty patted on to the top of the cheekbones for an extremely natural looking highlight.

Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser (£28.50) & Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow (£28.50) are available from February 2015. Find Lancome at Boots. Check out my review of the beautiful Lancome Christmas palette while you’re here, and HERE’s a heads up for Spring!



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