La Mer Renewal Oil Review - The Multi-Tasking Elixir
By Ree

La Mer Renewal Oil Review – The Multi-Tasking Elixir

12 Jan 2018 (Updated: 6 Jan 2021)

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One of my best skincare discoveries in the last couple of years has been the La Mer Renewal Oil. I first tried it back in the summer of 2016 and have been using it ever since. When people ask me how I get my skin to glow, this is pretty much the answer when it comes to instant effect. Here’s what you need to know.

La Mer Renewal Oil
La Mer Renewal Oil

It took me a long while to write about this product because recommending really expensive skincare absolutely terrifies me. I never want to tell you to consider buying something that costs an arm and a leg unless I am positive it is an amazing product. Having used the La Mer Renewal Oil for a good few years now, I feel very confident about this review.

This product is something I just honestly can’t imagine not having in my skincare arsenal. If I ever misplace it, I panic and my heart starts racing. You know you love something when that happens!

La Mer Renewal Oil
La Mer Renewal Oil

The La Mer Renewal Oil has the most sublime texture. It is light as an essence with the nourishing power of the finest oil and it is such a multi-tasker. Basically it is so calming, soothing, hydrating, smoothing and firming, and it even tackles the patches of eczema I sometimes get on my hairline. It’s the ultimate glow-giver and it’s amazing on the tops of cheekbones or lightly pressed all over the face to bring your makeup back to life.

I use this in quite a few different ways both for the day and night. You have to remember to give it a shake. I always layer it after a serum and under moisturiser and it literally just makes my skin glow, look firm and juicy and feel and appear calm. If I ever get any sore, dry patches on my hairline, which happens from time to time, this deals with it overnight, it really is a little miracle worker.

My other favourite way to use it is when I don’t have time to redo my makeup for a night out. I simply buff a few drops over my foundation with a brush, top up with a little concealer where I need it, and my makeup looks freshly applied and super luminous.

The texture is so light yet deeply hydrating, comforting and moisturising. It also smells amazing.

La Mer Renewal Oil Features

La Mer Renewal Oil
La Mer Renewal Oil
  • Highly potent, multi-faceted elixir
  • Dual-phase oil
  • Includes the highly active oils of The Miracle Broth
  • Designed to mimic the skin’s hydrolipidic structure
  • Uses a combination of water and oil inspired by The Miracle Broth’s oils of eucalyptus and sesame
  • You simply shake to mix for the lightest, most absorbent texture
  • Improves collagen, lifts and plumps the skin
  • Fortifies the skin’s barrier
  • Prevents dehydration

Now here’s the bad news. As I said earlier, it is really pricey. A bottle with 30ml of product is £185. See that’s the part that has deterred me from this post! But it is so so beautiful and really works for me in so many different ways.

Where to buy it

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3 thoughts on “La Mer Renewal Oil Review – The Multi-Tasking Elixir

  1. I agree with you. This was the most expensive skincare product I’ve ever purchased but the product is beyond amazing. It’s the only face oil I can wear during the day under makeup, with the biphasic nature of it allowing it to sink into the skin. Other oils are only useful at night, combined with no their products. LaMer hit a home run with this, a light oil that sinks in and makes my skin glow and feel comfortable and soothed. Forever a fan! Thanks for your beautiful blog!

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