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L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes

30 Apr 2015 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Here’s a bit of brilliant news for makeup brush addicts everywhere! It certainly has got me very excited and I know that there’s going to be A LOT of buzz around this new addition to the high street. New for 2015 are some very beautiful L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes!

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes 2015

They look great don’t they?! And the good news is they feel amazing too. I had a little play with these early samples and they are super soft, beautifully cut and pretty much everything you’d expect from a high quality makeup brush.

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes – The Range

There are 9 synthetic brushes in total which includes one travel friendly kabuki brush. I think this one could be my favourite of the bunch!

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes 2015

It is absolutely packed with super soft bristles and I think it will be a great multi-tasker.

The new L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes are set to launch in September 2015, so this is an early look and I don’t have price info just yet. I am pretty sure, however, that they will be super affordable.

They will be available individually – not in the brush belt which was for display purposes only. I have to say, I’d love one of those. Imagine popping it on to do your makeup in the morning! You’d really look like you meant business…or a tad over-enthusiastic!!

I am really excited to see these launch as I think there’s a distinct lack of really good quality yet affordable brushes available on the high street. Obviously Real Techniques do an amazing job, but no-one else is really coming near. Zoeva are also excellent but there’s limited availability through their online store or Beauty Bay.

The L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes will be a very welcome addition I am sure. I am guessing we will see them in Boots first.



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