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Kylie Kyshadow Eyeshadow Bronze Palette

26 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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So we knew there’d be more from Kylie Jenner and here it is. The Kylie Kyshadow eyeshadow palette. If there’s anyone who’s expert at entirely taking over a real English word and twisting it into their own, then it is Kylie Jenner. Forget eyeshadow, this is Kyshadow. It’s a tad obnoxious (obviously an understatement) but that’s no surprise, and the palette actually looks nice. Oh dear…more unpaid customs fees I have to decide whether I want to get involved with!

kylie kyshadow eyeshadow bronze
Kylie Kyshadow Eyeshadow Bronze Palette

This is the Bronze Palette but apparently there will be two more Kyshadow (!!) erm… eyeshadow palettes from Kylie Cosmetics before the end of the year. I am thinking more metallics – a silver Kyshadow palette then a gold Kyshadow palette?!

Here’s Kylie wearing the palette.

kylie kyshadow eyeshadow

To be honest, I thought we would see a Kylie Cosmetics Foundation first but considering they still only have website sales and no bricks and mortar stores for testing, then perhaps this makes a lot more sense. I can definitely see an appearance in beauty stores in the future – whether it is Sephora, or Ulta etc, or even a stand alone store like Dash, the Kardashian fashion brand. Who knows? Well someone probably does…

Kylie Kyshadow Eyeshadow Bronze Palette Shades

kylie kyshadow eyeshadow
Kylie Kyshadow Eyeshadow Bronze Palette

The first Kylie Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette launches 26th July 2016. I have say many eyeshadow palettes and I have paid so many unpaid customs fees for Kylie Lip Kits that I’m not sure I will go there. Having said that, I have two blue lip colours I didn’t plan to buy or evenly vaguely need. Let’s see! I will show you those on snapchat soon! Make sure you add me for all the updates.

What do you think? Do you think that Kylie can do eyeshadow better than the established brands? I doubt it but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try!




images courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

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