Kiehl's Advent Calendar 2020 BACK IN STOCK NOW!
By Ree

Kiehl’s Advent Calendar 2020 BACK IN STOCK!

12 Nov 2020

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The Kiehl’s advent calendar is always really popular and I love it because it’s the perfect one for couples to share.  It sold out really quickly but it back in stock today. Run don’t walk!

Kiehl's Advent Calendar 2020
Kiehl’s Advent Calendar 2020

Update 12th November 2020

The advent calendar just came back in stock!! Grab it HERE* now!

The Selfridges X Kiehl’s Advent Calendar is available HERE* (NOW ON SALE FOR £151)

Two Calendars

With the two different beauty advent calendars available for 2020, we have two different pricing options. One is £89, and the other is £189. Both editions have been sustainably made in the UK with fully recyclable materials, to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.  The card and paper involved is FSC certified and there is no foiling, laminates or coatings in the printing!

What is in Kiehl’s Advent Calendar 2020

The Kiehl’s exclusive calendar features 23 customer favourites including Creme de Corps, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the new Vital Skin Strengthening Super Serum. There are 20 deluxe sizes and three full sizes.

  • Super multi corrective cream 7ml
  • Midnight recovery concentrate 4ml
  • Rare earth masque 14ml
  • Calendula toner 40ml
  • Lip balm #1 15ml
  • Creme de corps 30ml
  • Clearly corrective dark spot solution 4ml
  • Midnight recovery eye 3ml
  • Amino acid shampoo 65ml
  • Amino acid condirioner 65ml
  • Ultra facial cleanser 30ml
  • Avocado eye 14ml
  • Facial fuel moisturiser 15ml
  • Hydro plump serum concentrate 5ml
  • Calendula foaming wash 30ml
  • Powerful strength eye 3ml
  • Super serum 4ml
  • Mid recovery cleansing oil 40ml
  • Powerful strength line reducing 5ml
  • Avocado mask 10g
  • Calendula water cream 7ml
  • Ultra facial oil free gel cream 7ml
  • Mr. Bones pin
  • Ultra Facial cream 28ml

The Kiehl’s exclusive calendar is available HERE* now!

Kiehl’s x Selfridges Advent Calendar 2020

This is the pricier of the two options at £189 and it is stuffed with gorgeous goodies. It includes offers 24 days of gifts, with 11 full sized customer favourites and 13 deluxe samples. It has been designed by Lyon-based illustrator Maïté Franchi, and depicts a festive christmas shopping scene.

The Selfridges X Kiehl’s Advent Calendar is available HERE* now

What’s in the Kiehl’s x Selfridges Advent Calendar 2020?

  • Available HERE*
  • Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil (85ml)
  • Calendula Foaming Face Wash (75ml)
  • Ultra facial Toner (75ml)
  • Ultra facial Cream (28ml)
  • Facial Fuel Moisturiser (75ml)
  • Powerful Strength Eye (15ml)
  • Avocado Eye (14ml)
  • Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 (30ml)
  • Lip Balm #1 (15ml)
  • Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap (200g)
  • Rare Earth Mask (28ml)
  • Midnight Recovery Concentrate (deluxe)
  • Cannabis Cleanser (deluxe)
  • Calendula Toner (deluxe)
  • Pure Vitality (deluxe)
  • Cannabis Concentrate (deluxe)
  • Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (deluxe)
  • Super Serum (deluxe)
  • Avocado Mask (deluxe)
  • Buttermask (deluxe)
  • Body Fuel (30ml deluxe)
  • Crème de Corps (30ml deluxe)
  • Crème de Corps Dry Body Oil (deluxe)
  • Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (deluxe)

I have better quality images coming soon.

When does it launch?

Update 14th October 2020

The Kiehl’s exclusive calendar is available HERE* now.

The Selfridges X Kiehl’s Advent Calendar is available HERE* now

You can sign up to win one of three Kiehl’s exclusive calendars here.

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting these guides. I find them useful when deciding which calendar to purchase. Do you know if Net a Porter are doing a calendar this year? Thanks

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