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KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

11 Aug 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Exclusive to Feel Unique, KENZOKI Skincare is a line of products from KENZO for the face and body built around 3 plants from Asia: White Lotus, Ginger Flower, Rice. Take a little look!

KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO
KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

There are four different lines in the KENZOKI Skincare range and each one has its own effectiveness, scent, sensations and mood. There’s Body Care, a premium anti-ageing line called Belle De Jour, Daily Radiance Face Care and Regenerating Face Care. There’s also a whitening line, but I don’t think that’s available for the UK market.

Asian skincare is big business and the approach is very results driven. KENZOKI Skincare aims to harness the power of nature using cutting edge scientific research. Each formula contains plant water that has been extracted without the use of chemicals and a balance of essential oils, trace elements and mineral salts. Many of the ingredients have been used for centuries in Asia and have proven efficacy.

I have a few different samples from the collections that I can show you now. I have to say, I absolutely love the product names – I think it really brings them to life!

KENZOKI Skincare Belle de Jour Belle de Jour Angel Eyes

KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

Angel Eyes is a White Lotus anti-aging eye cream with the most beautiful creamy rich velvety texture. It is designed for daily use to firm the skin and combat dark circles and puffiness for a rested and relaxed eye look. It feels beautiful on the skin – really nourishing and gentle. It can also be used on the eyelids which I love. It has a very smoothing and brightening effect. The packaging is just gorgeous! £57.

KENZOKI Skincare Ice Cold Eye Cream

KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

Another eye cream here and this one is from the Regenerating line. This one is designed for tired eyes and dubbed Eskimo Cream. Use it in the morning to wake up tired eyes with its super cool goodness. It uses Osilift to firm, Actiflow to reduce bags and dark circles, and mango butter to moisturise. It also contains ginger to give your spirits a kick start! £36.

KENZOKI Skincare Cream with a Sheen

kenzoki-skincare-cream-with-a sheen-review
KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

This is the one I was most excited about. It’s the name, Cream with a Sheen! Love it! It uses White Lotus active plant essence to soothe and protect the skin while pink peony help to illuminate and enhance skin quality and Dulse (red algae) gives the skin healthy glow but boosting micro-circulation. There are light reflectors for instant radiance. Exciting! This will be amazing for no makeup days. £36.

KENZOKI Skincare Moisturizing Skin Guardian

KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

This one is all about pampering thirsty skin and protecting it from environmental aggressors. I think this would work really well with Ice Cold Eye Cream after a late night the evening before. White Lotus active plant essence soothes, while Japanese lily of the valley moisturises intensely and maintains water in skin cells.  Millet acts as a protective shield for the skin. £33.50.

This is such a beautiful range. Today I used the Angel Eyes and Cream with a Sheen and my skin is looking great without makeup. Nice and juicy and glowy.

KENZOKI Skincare is available exclusively in the UK from Feel Unique. I am loving this effective but fun take on skincare!



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2 thoughts on “KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

  1. I’ve been using the Kenzoki Marshmallow mask for years, and it’s heaven! I use it when my skin need extra moisture and I want to really relax. I leave it on for as long as I want know and just wipe or rinse of the excess.

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