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Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury at Selfridges

18 Jun 2013 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Right! So I have to start off by saying, I MET KATE MOSS LAST NIGHT!
Kate Moss at Selfridges
It was a pretty special moment to share a picture with THE most photographed woman in the world, and I am delighted to report that she was utterly charming! Yay!
She was also wearing the YSL Betty Bag that I lust after every time I go to Selfridges, so if I am not careful later when I go there for appointments, I just may buy it!! My credit card is quaking!
Here she is with the YSL Betty Bag just so you know what I am talking about:
Kate Moss – Saint Laurent Betty Bag
So what was it all about? Well it is a very special week at Selfridges for Charlotte Tilbury, one of the world’s most sought after makeup artists who launched her makeup range.
Here is Charlotte looking stunning with Kate:
Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury at Selfridges
The main event last night was the unveiling of a new portrait of Kate Moss created by the collaboration of talent from Charlottle Tilbury, Malcolm Edwards and Chris Levine.
Kate Moss Portrait at Selfridges

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