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Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

5 Nov 2014

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Twitter followers will know that I just returned from a trip to New York where I visited the Julien Farel Salon to have my colour done. Having tried out the Julien Farel Vitamin Restore 3-in-1 hair cleanser with great success, I was excited to check out the salon experience. For my US readers and those planning a trip to NYC, here’s how I got on!

Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

Having never been to a salon in the US before, I was ever so slightly confused when I was shown into a changing room as soon as I arrived. And being British, and …well…me, instead of explaining that I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I simply stood outside of the changing room, clutching my gown and looking like someone had asked me to strip!! When the lovely girl returned it was her turn to be confused because I still hadn’t made any progress.

She soon got to the bottom of the dilemma and told me that if I was worried about colour staining my top, I could take it off and put the gown on instead, but I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. Again, being British, I didn’t want to!! Apparently, it’s totally normal to change when you go to the salon in the states, which I now know having chatted it through with my New York friend that evening. Next time I will act a lot more cool. Promise!!

Kerfuffle caused by my own ridiculousness over, everything went absolutely swimmingly!!

Julien Farel Salon Colour and Blowdry

From the super-speedy and gorgeous colour application from Mike…

Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

To the most amazingly tasty coffee…x 2 ….

Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

To the amazing products used, incredible head massages and the most comfortable bed (yes bed) at the sink…

Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

To the fastest, shinest and bounciest blow dry by Patrick!

Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

It was an incredible experience and I absolutely love my hair!!

Julien Farel Salon NYC Review

The colour is a rich warm brown, which is just what I asked for, and it is gorgeously soft and smooth. So happy!

I also met the man himself, Julien Farel, who was totally charming!! I totally failed on getting a snap with him though as I was mid blow dry, or blow-out as they call it stateside.

So if you’re a New York dweller, or you fancy a bit of a pamper when you’re next in New York, I couldn’t recommend Julien Farel more.



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