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Jones Road The Mascara Review

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Jones Road The Mascara

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Jones Road is Bobbi Brown’s new makeup brand and I have been trying out a few products so I can share my insights with you. I have been particularly impressed with Jones Road The Mascara so I am starting there!

Jones Road The Mascara Features

Jones Road The Mascara
Jones Road The Mascara
  • An inky, ultra-pigmented black mascara
  • Designed to separate, lift, and volumise
  • Can be used lightly for a no makeup look or layered for more impact
  • Curved wand captures inner corner lashes and lengthens outer lashes
  • Formulated for flexibility and softness
Jones Road The Mascara
Jones Road The Mascara

Key Ingredients

Jones Road The Mascara has been formulated to be conditioning and cruelty-free. The ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E to protect against environmental stressors. It hydrates and provides anti-inflammatory action
  • Vitamin B (Panthenol) – a humectant and an emollient that attracts and retains moisture while soothing and softening hairs. It strengthens hair fibres and gives the appearance of shine
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – hydrates and strengthens

Before & After Photo

Jones Road The Mascara before & after (one coat)
Jones Road The Mascara before & after (one coat)

My Review of Jones Road The Mascara

Jones Road The Mascara - 2 Coats
Jones Road The Mascara – 2 Coats
  • Long lasting
  • Resists flaking, smudging or fading
  • Holds a curl
  • Weightless and comfortable

I have to say, this is a really excellent mascara. The shape of the brush makes it really easy to apply and I find that it lifts my lashes into a really flattering curl. The formula seems to lock in that curl that then stays all day.

I find that a couple of good coats creates the look I want with super dark, lengthened lashes with a lovely lift.

Jones Road The Mascara feels light and natural on my lashes. So much so that I am almost surprised by the fact that I am wearing mascara when I look in the mirror.

Lashes don’t feel crispy or dry, it doesn’t fade, flake or smudge and it comes off easily when I take my makeup off at the end of the day. No panda eyes the following morning.

It’s the mascara that I have been reaching for most days since I started trying it a few weeks ago. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it!

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Where to buy it

Jones Road The Mascara is currently only available via the Jones Road website which ships from the US. I did a bit of research into what this looks like. If you spend £75 you are awarded free delivery, and I am told that shipping takes approximately 7 days.