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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection Review

31 May 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Dame Joan Collins’ Timeless Beauty collection got a lot of attention last year. It was launched as an international luxury beauty brand, personally created with “love and careful consideration” by Dame Joan Collins, helped by her team of experts. The Joan Collins Timeless beauty collection is designed to keep you looking good and feeling great, no matter what age you are. As the name suggests, the collection is designed to be timeless and wearable, creating a look you can wear every day of the week.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty- Powder & Mascara

As you can imagine, Dame Joan Collins has worked with some of greatest beauty professionals; this sparked in her a real passion for beauty and she quickly became widely recognised as one of the most glamorous icons of our era. Her tricks of the trade and insider secrets helped create her beauty brand and shaped the products in the beauty line.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty- Packaging

The Timeless Beauty Collection is a mixture of skincare, makeup and fragrance, giving you everything you need to look your best. The products are backed up by a lot of scientific research, which has allowed the brand to create products enriched with cutting-edge technology. Each item has been formulated to include a range of effective and multi-purpose ingredients.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty- Impeccable Finish Powder

The high-quality premium feel hits you as soon as you see this collection as it’s finished with sleek black boxes and gold packaging. The first thing I’ve been testing is the Impeccable Finish Powder, which retails for £24. The Impeccable Finish Powder is designed to help you avoid “shiny skin disasters”. You simply apply the powder to your t-zone and any other oily areas, to help keep oil and grease at bay. I’ve actually used this all over my skin and it sets your makeup, without it feeling cakey or dry. I suspect this is because the powder has been enriched with hyaluronic acid, which is a fabulous ingredient for packing moisture into the skin.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty – Mascara

The other product I’ve been testing is the Class Act Mascara, which retails for £20. It’s actually created to be a mascara and treatment all in one, promising to make your eyelashes longer, fuller and thicker in just 30 days. Timeless Beauty say that you should apply the mascara in thin layers, so that you can build up the volume slowly. It’s actually quite a thick and wet mascara, so if you apply too much you end up in a bit of mess. I’ve found that you really need to let this mascara set, otherwise it has a habit of transferring. The mascara does not shed throughout the day, so you get a nice curl that lasts all day. One thing I should mention is that this mascara did irritate my eyes, I found that made my eyes water after application, so maybe it’s one to avoid if you have sensitive eyes.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty – Mascara Wand


You can find the whole of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection and order pieces online here 

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