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Jessica Thick Plumping Topcoat Review

29 Sep 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I love the feeling when I get my gel nails done. I suddenly feel the need to tap them on my desk all the day and I’m sure I become a more efficient typist just because they’re so strong and so clippety. Most of all I love how thick, glossy and strong they look and feel. Sadly, when their time is up, what is left underneath is not so pretty and as you can see from my picture, my nails have been left weak and damaged. Jessica Thick Topcoat promises to deliver that same thick glossiness at home, and without the need for a UV lamp, “THICK builds instant volume to your nails giving them a dazzling gel-look and brilliant shine.”


At first, I didn’t read the instructions properly and just popped it on as a normal topcoat and can’t say I noticed much of a difference. I thought I had given it enough time to set before going to bed, and it claims to be “fast drying”, but when I woke up they were smudged. This is when I encountered my second problem – this stuff does not want to come off! I did wonder at one point if I was going to have to soak my nails in pure acetone. For a formulation which boats a chemical-nasty-free formulation, this would seem to defeat the purpose. Anyway, I took this as a good sign of its longevity and with four large cotton wool pads, managed to get it off. Mostly.

Time to read the instructions properly:
• For best results, generously apply all products using 8-10 strokes, under and over the nail while sealing the edges
• After the application of your favourite basecoat and Custom Colour
• Finish with one coat of THICK for fast drying high gloss finish

Ahh, so I have to create the thickness myself and then top it off with this? Right. I set aside some time in front of the TV, built up all my layers, gave sufficient drying time, left it a good two hours before bed, they were looking great and then, in the morning, sheet creased nails again!!! I added yet another coat to try and even it all out. A bit better, but not perfect.

Now that this panic layer has dried, my nails are thick, glossy and bulletproof (though not very smooth). I’m tip tapping away on my laptop and pointing at things in the distance at every opportunity, so mission accomplished I suppose. However,  I think I can do better and I’m willing to keep trying so that I can ease up on my expensive gel-nail addiction. If all else fails, I’ll use it to lacquer my sideboards.

You can buy Jessica Thick Plumping Topcoat here


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One thought on “Jessica Thick Plumping Topcoat Review

  1. All Jessica polishes except Phenom need at least 4 hours before bed or sleeping with hands over the blanket. 6 layers take time to dry inside. Using Quick Dry speeds the drying of the top layer a bit but doesn’t prevent smudging if pressed.
    How long did it last?

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