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Jameela Jamil Beauty Chat

6 Mar 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Jameela Jamil is the Elegant Touch Express Nails Ambassador which are super easy, stick on nails that I love. I adore them mainly because the black and white hearts I wore got my hands so much attention!! Check them out HERE. I had the opportunity to chat with Jameela. I love her take on beauty and style so I thought I’d share what she said with you.
Jameela Jamil for Elegant Touch Express
Do you see nails as more of a beauty or fashion item? 
I see nails as more of a fashion item. They are an important part of my wardrobe – it’s like dressing up your hands.
How often do you change your manicure?
I change my manicure about once a week. There are so many designs and colors to choose from in the Elegant Touch Express Nails collection. Wearing different styles encourages me to try out different make up to match my nails.
Do you prefer DIY nails or the salon experience?
I prefer DIY because life is too short to spend hours in the salon. I’m a self employed woman with things to do – I’m sure a lot of woman can relate to that.
What do you think about matching nails to your makeup or outfit?
I’m a big fan of matching nails to an outfit – even if it’s to intentionally clash.
What’s your top, but unusual, beauty tip?
Add manuka honey, or any honey to your body wash. It washes straight off and leaves your skin silky, soft and hydrated so you don’t need to moisturise.
How do you look after your hair?
I don’t do a lot to my hair. I add Kerastase Ciment Thermique or Shu Umera hair oil but that’s it really. I tend to just leave it to dry and then if I need to trim my fringe I’ll do it myself.
What’s the best hair or makeup tip you have learnt from the professionals? 
Just generally not to over style my hair with heat and always protect it in the sun.
What makes you feel dressed up?
Lipstick and nails make me feel dressed up. Even if I’m wearing a tracksuit lips and nails can make me feel good.

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