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Introducing ReeFit!

4 Oct 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Introducing a new chapter in the blog….this is ReeFit!
Basically I have decided that enough is enough! After gaining some weight, becoming really quite unfit and forever moaning that none of my clothes fit, I have decided to take charge of the situation and reclaim the old Ree!! Exciting!
I have joined Virgin Active, I’m watching what I eat and I shall be keeping a video diary of my progress, activities and the general chit chat surrounding my path back to fitness and happiness.
And if I have you to report to then I’m less likely to fail right??!
This explains how I’m feeling right now. Here is Part One of ReeFit!…

So what do you think? Can you help? Where are you healthwise right now? And most importantly, do I have your support?!
Wish me luck…


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7 thoughts on “Introducing ReeFit!

  1. Love this video, so relatable! I’m the same..I know I’m in no way fat but my once flat tummy has now turned into a teddy bear belly!

    Looking forward to ReeFit. Xx


  2. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your progress x
    I’m the same at the moment trying to loose some of my tummy’ & hips but I’m not fat. Virgin are great gyms, I use to go to the one in Thundersley.

  3. Such an inspiring video! I joined a gym a day ago as well for the same reason. I am no longer the shape I was and can’t fit into my clothes. I find it quite depressing but like you say, not for long! You will do great and will definitely reach your goal. Thank you! off to do situps now. x

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