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Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant – Major Breakthrough!!

30 Aug 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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OK you really need to know about this and you are seriously going to love it – this is Inhibitf Hair Free Deodorant!!!
Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant
Now this is a SERIOUS BREAKTHROUGH for hair removal and personal hygiene all rolled into one! I actually cannot believe that no-one thought of it before because it is so perfect. But at the same time, it so clever that I understand why no-one thought of it before! Get this – a deodorant that deodorises AND stops underarm hair from growing!! I know!!! Absolute genius!!!
I don’t know anyone that doesn’t shave their armpits (or some other type of hair removal) and I certainly don’t know anyone that doesn’t use deodorant. So Inhibitif Hair Free Deodorant has really got to be the ultimate 2 in 1 beauty product that has ever been created! I am so excited about this!
Basically it is a deodorant that contains 3 active technologies already proven in the huge success of Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Serum , at their highest ever concentrations. Using Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant will minimise the need for hair removal and give you deodorant protection at the same time.
It will also work to prevent ingrown hair and moisturise the underarm area too. As with the original Inhibitif serum, initial results are promised in as little as two weeks, with continued improvement becoming apparent over an eight week period.
Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant launches at Boots on 9th September 2013 for £8.99 and will be available in mint and fragrance-free.

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