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Why You Should Immediately Consider Short Hair

24 Sep 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Apart from a very brief period in 2013, I’ve had short hair for seven years now.

When I had hair past my shoulders, every day was the same, I shoved it up into a ponytail or a messy bun and thought about how much time it takes to style long hair.

woman with short red hair

Then one day I realised it didn’t have to be like that. I went to the salon, ordered my very first pixie cut and I’ve never looked back. It’s safe to say that I do more with my hair now it’s short than I ever did when it was longer.

So if you’re looking at your locks and wanting something different, or you’ve been working yourself up to a pixie cut for ages but just couldn’t bite the bullet, here’s why you should go for it!

Short Hair Is So Low Maintenance

girl with hair dryer

Thanks to the obvious lack of hair, styling your pixie cut takes half the time a full ‘do does.

One of the best things about having short hair is that you can literally wash and go. In the mornings I tend to wash my hair, blast my whole head with a hairdryer and let it fall where it will.

Of course you can tease some wax through or spray with setting spray for a sleek look, but if you’re looking for a shorter morning routine, look no further than the pixie cut.

Short Hair Is Much Easier To Take Care Of


I’m a serial hair dye-r. I’ve been black, blonde, red, you name it. So when it comes to the state of my hair, as you can imagine I suffer from dry locks which look brittle and dull. But that was back when I had hair past my shoulders.

Now I have short hair, I find that it’s easier to repair after I’ve bleached it.

A good hair mask or a month break in between dye sessions works wonders now. Alongside that, if you’re sick of having dry hair, you can let the colour grow out much more easily when your hair is short.

It Will Make You Love Your Face Even More


When you have a short hairstyle, not only will you have more of your morning routine to spend on make-up, you’ll also fall in love with your face all over again. I find that when my hair is super short, my cheekbones are much more prominent and my eyes stand out a mile.

Then, when my hair has grown an inch or two, my ears almost look cute! (It’s true, I swear!).

Don’t worry if people tell you ‘you don’t have the face for a pixie cut!’, it’s all rubbish. As long as you love your hair, everyone else will. Plus, the less hair you have, the more of your face will be shown.

It’s A Fresh Start

hairdresser cutting blonde hair. closeup over grey backgroundIf you’ve over bleached, over straightened or over blow dried your hair, a pixie cut is a great way to start fresh.

Your hair dresser can cut off all of your dead ends, your frazzled strands and your over-dyed bits. When your hair is shorter, is grows much quicker so before you know it you’ll have a brand new head of hair.

You’ll Save Money On Hair Products

Various hairstyling equipment in shopping bag isolated on white

It’s true, when you have a pixie cut, you need a haircut every 6-8 weeks. If I wait any longer than that, my style turns into a not-so-funky 80s mullet style. So while you’ll be visiting your hair dresser more than usual, you’ll save so much money on hair products!

A bottle of shampoo lasts me about 3 months and conditioner lasts even longer. I find I use more wax than I did before, but my hair spray bottle is still pretty much full!

So what do you think? Are you ready for the pixie plunge? If you’re not prepared just yet, why not get a bob and work your way shorter? Comment below and let us know which style is best for you.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Immediately Consider Short Hair

  1. I love short hair, but for me it’s anything but low maintenance. I have fine and wavy hair, that takes ages to style and look good. With long hair I need to put in a lot less effort to look polished. But I guess it depends on the type of hair you got.

  2. Hmm when you’re nearer 40 than 30 short hair isn’t as flattering. It can look very harsh, even with a pixie cut. I had one in my 20s and loved it, now if it’s anywhere as short as that I’m not happy.

  3. I have waist length hair and wouldn’t trade it for all the pixie cuts in the world. I’m just not a short hair kind of person. I find my hair is extremely low maintenance and is quite versatile. Of course, it helps that I don’t color my hair and so a coconut oil mask every other week keeps it strong and shiny. Admittedly, long hair isn’t for everyone, but neither is short hair 🙂

  4. I went short about 12 yrs ago and still love it! Its feminine, chic, funky & sexy! Ive gotten more compliments with my short hair cut than I ever did with longer hair, including those from men! I would never go back to long.

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