Imedeen Derma One Results - 90 Day Challenge
By Ree

Imedeen Derma One Results – 90 Day Challenge #AD

19 Dec 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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So!! I stuck to something for 90 whole days and it paid off! This makes me very pleased indeed. I am going to start sticking to more things! I had my skin scan last week and the results of the Imedeen Derma One 90 Day challenge were impressive. Here are all the details.

You can read all about my first skin scan with Imedeen here, but here’s a little recap. The lovely Emma from Imedeen came along with her clever ultrasound machine and performed a scan on my arm to measure skin density and collagen levels (elements that keep our skin plump). I was super pleased we were measuring skin on my arm because I didn’t want the results to be skewed by any jazzy facial skincare I had been using.

Imedeen Derma One Results - 90 Day Challenge
Imedeen Derma One Results – 90 Day Challenge

I had a pretty good result the first time (which made me happy). So although Emma was confident that I would see results from Imedeen Derma One, she wasn’t sure how much higher my collagen levels would rise because they were pretty high to start with (I promise I am not bragging!).

Imedeen Derma One – Before & After


Imedeen Derma One Trial


Imedeen Derma One Trial

I am not really very good at graphs, but what it does show is that after three months of Imedeen, my skin density has increased and the collagen levels have risen from a count of 64 to 72. I am told that is a pretty impressive percentage increase of 12.5% if I have done the right calculations. I think that’s what we call a success.

To be completely truthful, it isn’t about the numbers for me though.

The Non-Mathematical Results

I think the things I have noticed about my skin play a very big part in this. The skin on my body looks and feels smoother which was a great help in my bikini on holiday. I didn’t have time to go to the gym to tone up before I hit the beach but the appearance of my skin seemed a lot better than usual regardless. It was softer, with less lumps and bumps, and one big (huge) thing I noticed was that my fake tan went on a lot more easily and faded more evenly. Considering that I never sunbathe (big sun-phobe here!) that is very important to me.

Imedeen Derma One Trial

Also, I do think my skin has had more of a glow – not really something I can measure, but I have had compliments on my skin. Someone recently asked me what I had been doing and I couldn’t think of anything. It was only after that I remembered the Imedeen!

I am really pleased and Emma said she had a met a few lovely readers which is great to hear. I hope you are getting on as well as me!

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  1. Your figure is stunning Ree! I got these in a beauty box recently. They have been sitting in a drawer for a while but I’m going to start taking them tonight! Thanks for the helpful review 🙂 x

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