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Iconic London Brushes Review

25 May 2016 (Updated: 26 Mar 2019)

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I have been seeing Iconic London all over Instagram in recent months and the Iconic London brushes had really caught my attention. You might have seen my review of the Iconic London Strobe Stick too, which I loved as much as Kim Kardashian does! Iconic London have a few different brush sets available and I have picked out my favourite brushes from the brand that you need in your collection.

Iconic London Brushes- From The Iconic Complete Face Set
Iconic London Brushes- From The Iconic Complete Face Set

From the Iconic Complete Face Set my two favourite brushes are the Fluffy Tapered Brush and the Concealer Blending Brush. All of the brushes in this set are black with rose gold accents. Made with synthetic fibres (they are also vegan friendly) they come complete in a makeup bag. I have been using the Fluffy Tapered Brush to apply powder under my eyes and around my nose. It fits these areas perfectly and applies a light layer of powder so it doesn’t look cakey on the skin. The Concealer Blending Brush is perfect for applying concealer for a precise application, but I have also used it to blend out my eyeshadow and prefer it for this use. It’s also great to apply powder highlight to the brow bone!

Iconic London Brushes- From The Iconic Complete Face Set
Iconic London Brushes- From The Iconic Complete 9 Piece Face Set

I have fallen in love with the Complete 9 Piece Face Set as the brushes are stunning, with white and lilac handles- they are also vegan friendly! My first favourite from this set is the Large Angled Contour Brush and while it is intended to be used to apply contour products, I have been loving it for applying foundation. It gives great coverage and blends everything out smoothly. I have been on a Fan Brush kick recently and this one is huge! You can use this brush to highlight the high points of the face, but I have been using it to apply a light layer of powder or bronzer.

Iconic London Brushes- From The Evo Complete Face Set
Iconic London Brushes- From The Evo Complete Face Set

There is a lot of talk on social media about the Iconic London Evo brushes and they are incredible; I didn’t think I was going to be as impressed as I am! These EVO Brushes are different from anything I have used before and create a flawless, high coverage without making the face look cakey or heavy. These brushes are for contouring mainly, but I have been using the 003 to apply foundation and the 005 for concealer and my face has looked flawless. I now understand why everyone is using these brushes; they are a game changer when it comes to makeup!

Iconic London Brushes- My Favourites
Iconic London Brushes- My Favourites

I am really impressed with the quality of all of the Iconic London brushes, they are all super soft, non shedding and work really well with a range of products.

The only negative I have to say about all of these brushes is that none of them have names on, which I would have preferred as I like to know which brush is meant for what use. Having the names on the EVO boxes would have been particularly handy as they all look quite similar apart from the smallest one in the set.

If I had to choose which brush set to recommend, even though I would happily recommend them all, I would have to say the EVO brushes would be my top pick. They have made the biggest difference to my makeup and I don’t think I will use anything else to apply my foundation and concealer from now on!

Find the Iconic London Evo Brushes to order online here

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